Bartech Syscom MR3000BLA Blast Vibration Monitor

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Bartech Syscom MR3000BLA  Blast Vibration Monitor is usually needed close to the blast. This Vibration Monitor is used to assess the effects produced by the explosion. In this case, some structures are located in the blast impact zone, the vibration levels should be recorded on them, in order to evaluate the potential damage, according to the national regulations.
Applications: Explosions, like mining, excavations, and demolition sites.

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Bartech Syscom MR3000BLA Blast Vibration Monitor is a blast-induced vibration that acquires vibration and air pressure simultaneously with a unique recorder with four channels, at a sampling rate of 1000/2000 samples per second. The typical frequency range of blast varies from 2 to 250 Hz, for both the vibration and the air pressure measurements.

Features of Blast Vibration Monitor:

  • Project description
  • Device information
  • Blast information
  • Event information
  • Maximum velocities on the three axes and relative frequencies
  • Maximum accelerations and displacements
  • The maximum value of air pressure
  • Time histories of the three vibration channels and of the air pressure
  • Comparison with the reference norm
  • Check that all the charges exploded as expected
  • Identify the maximum vibration and air pressure level connected to each charge
  • Evaluate the potential damage to surrounding structures
  • Reduce the intensity of explosive charges in case the vibration and air pressure levels exceeded the thresholds defined by the regulations.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No

Syscom MR3000BLA

No of channels


Pre-Event Recording

1 – 30 seconds (in 1 sec steps)

Post-Event Recording

1 – 100 seconds (in 1 sec steps)

Temperature Range

-20°C to 60°C

Humidity Range

Up to 100% RH


18 Bits

Sampling Rate

1’000, 2’000 sps


Removable Industrial Grade SD Card

Minimum trigger level

0.1 mm/s (0.004 in/s)

Protection class

IP 66


100 x 100 x 81 mm


6.4 KG

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Bartech Syscom MR3000BLA Blast Vibration Monitor