Gamma Scout Radiation Detector


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Gamma scout Radiation detector is considered to be the best radiation measuring devices of its class. The handy layout, simple operation, high measuring accuracy, permanent operation with minimum battery consumption are few good features of gamma scout.

Applications: Nuclear power stations, research, to measure natural radioactivity


Gamma-Scout Radiation Detector is a professional radioactivity meter and is a precise instrument to determine Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radioactivity. The radioactivity meter has a broad measuring range and can be used for various measurement types as well as for intermittent measurements in situ, long-lasting measurements, or for controls. The radioactivity meter provides a certified amount of the environmental radiation as well as of the radiation which is artificially increased up to 500 times over the limit value. This radioactivity meter has diverse applications. There are four different measuring instruments available: The Gamma-Scout STANDARD, the Gamma Scout ALERT, the Gamma-Scout RECHARGEABLE, and the Gamma-Scout ONLINE.

Features of The Gamma-Scout STANDARD:

  • In measuring mode, the current dose rate (a measure of the ionizing radiation) is displayed every 2 seconds or, at the push of a button, the average value of the dose rate of the last day is displayed (0:00 – 23:59).
  • High-quality LND end-window counter tube, the GAMMA-SCOUT measures not only α but also β and γ radiation.
  • The Gamma Scout STANDARD measures reliably over a wide range (0.1 to 1,000 microsieverts / h). The measuring range of the counter tube is much larger, but the device is calibrated with the specified accuracy.
  • The Gamma Scout saves occurring impulses in various adjustable time intervals (up to 32,000 measured values). For permanent monitoring, the storage of environmental values ​​is set to a value every 2 hours, which would correspond to a recording period of 7 years.
  • The transition of pulses per time into dose rate is based on the Cs 137. The impulses per time can be displayed directly and converted according to your own tables.
  • The GAMMA-SCOUT complies, among other things, with Section 15 of the US FCC rules.
  • Gamma Scout is flight approved.

Features of The Gamma Scout ALERT:

  • Expanded version with acoustic limit warning and ticker. Gamma-Scout includes an audible alert when radiation levels go beyond a user-adjusted level. Furthermore, this model includes all features of the GAMMA-SCOUT Standard.
  • The user can set an acoustic ticker which initiates with each gamma pulse detected.

Features of The Gamma Scout RECHARGEABLE:

  • The Gamma Scout Rechargeable is provided with a rechargeable battery, which can be charged via USB port or power supply (included in delivery). This model has been expanded for customers, who work with high radiation and require a powerful device. Furthermore, it presents all features of the “alert” model.

Features of The Gamma-Scout ONLINE:

  • The Gamma Scout online has the option of real-time viewing, which means the real-time transmission of measured values to an exterior screen. Power is supplied via the USB interface.
  • The GAMMA-SCOUT ONLINE also presents (as the only model) the ability to evaluate the stored values via a graphics tool.
  • The storage capacity as well as the ticker and the alarm function remain effective during data output. The GAMMA-SCOUT ONLINE also includes all the features of the alert model.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Gamma Scout



Radiation Type

Alpha Radiation from 4 MeV,
Beta Radiation from 0.2 MeV,
Gamma Radiation from 30 KeV,

Measurement Diameter


Measurement Length



1.5 – 2.5 mg/m²

Gamma Sensitivity

95.0 Impulses/min for radioisotope Co60

Null Quota

< 10 Impulses/minute

Radiation Detector

Geiger -Muller Counting Tube, Auto Shut-off, Stainless Steel Case
with Halogen Filler

Calibrated Measurement Ranges

0.01 μSv / h – 1,000 μSv / h

Measurement of the Impulses

1-99sec, 1-99minutes, 1-99hours,
Mean value of the day ( 24hours – 12am to 12am)

Internal saving of Impulses in Memory

Intervals to be selected by user. Can select every 1 minute, 10
minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days


European Standard CE/ USA Standard FCC15

Power for Instrument

Internal Battery



Battery Life

under 10 microamp on average, > 1,17,000 hours X 20 impulses/ minute ( approx. 10 years)


163 x 72 x 30 mm


153 gms

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Gamma Scout Radiation detector

Gamma Scout Radiation Detector


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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