PHDS GeGI Gamma-Ray Detector

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PHDS GeGI Gamma-Ray Detector is the world’s most sophisticated gamma-ray detector. Using many image modes, the GeGI can completely describe the surrounding radiological environment.

Applications: Military and Civilian CBRNE Operations, Nuclear Security, Nuclear Safeguards, Special Nuclear Material Analysis, and Decommissioning & Decontamination.

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PHDS GeGI Gamma-Ray Detector features a wide-angle optical camera combined with a gamma-ray imaging spectrometer that quickly and accurately captures the nuclear environment. Compton imaging helps GeGi in obtaining both close range and targets at a further distance. A 90 x 11mm HPGea(60ccm) is present. Its mechanical cooler eliminates the need for liquid cooling. In various project spaces, automatic isotope detection, recognition, localization, and source action quantification are made available to users of all levels.

Features of GeGI Gamma-Ray Detector:

  • Standoff location detection identification distance range 10 cm – 50 + metres.
  • Automatically specifies SNM, NORM, IND, MED.
  • Germanium gamma-ray spectroscopy (16k ch).
  • Full 360° standoff visualization (Compton), 235U (186 keV), 239Pu (375 keV, 414 keV).
  • User-friendly single-button glove-touch operation.
  • Hot-swappable battery operation.
  • Full session saves and reloads capability.
  • Full data-stream availability.
  • A wireless-capable/wireless option can be disabled.
  • Twist-lock mil-spec power connector.
  • Long-lived internal cooler (5 years +).
  • Reachback file: ANSI N42.42 format.
  • Remote operation.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg




Energy range

30 keV – 3 MeV

Energy Resolution

FWHM < 2.1 keV (0.3%) at 662 keV

User Maintenance


Gamma-ray Compton Imaging field of View

4 π (360°)

Optical camera Field of View

2 π (180°)

Pinhole Imaging Field of View


Imaging Range

10 cm – 50meters


10-µCi 137Cs at 1 metre (3.3 µR/hr, 33 nSv/hr)

Detection and ID Time (662 keV) (8 σ)

3.7 sec ± 1.0 sec

Location (Compton image) Time

30 sec ± 13 sec

Exposure Rate Capacity

200 kcps

Energy range Compton Imaging

150 keV – 3 MeV

Energy Range of Pinhole Imaging

30 keV – 662 MeV

Active Detector Area

55 cm3

Isotope Library

400 Isotopes

Isotope Identification

37 frequently encountered isotopes

Isotope Categories


Active Detector Volume

60 cm3

Cool-down Time

4 hours

Start-up Time

2 minutes

HPGe detector crystal dimensions

90 mm diameter, 11 mm thick

Energy range spectroscopy

30 keV – 3 MeV (12 MeV option)

Active detector volume / area

67 cm3
/ 61 cm2

Power Supply

100-240 VA, 50-60 Hz

Battery Life

3 hrs internal (hot swappable), 6-8 hrs external


260 x 200 x 140mm


15 lbs (6.8 kg)

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