Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC

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Keller High-Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC  is a device used to measure the piezoresistive high-temperature transmitter that is appropriate for medium temperatures up to 300 °C. This Keller Transmitter is pressed on the flush diaphragm and transmitted through an oil-filled capillary and onto the silicon measuring cell. The Pressure Transmitter’s capillary serves as a cooling spiral, enabling media, temperatures as high as 300 °C. The PROG30 program may be used to read out the electronics’ temperature, which cannot be higher than 120 °C. KELLER provides pressure ports in a variety of materials for very aggressive media.
Applications: General industrial and OEM applications

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Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC these Keller Series are built on a microprocessor with an inbuilt 16-bit A/D converter and a reliable, piezoresistive transducer. Mathematical compensation is used to account for the sensor’s temperature dependence and nonlinearities. On a Palmtop, Laptop, or PC, the computed pressure may be shown using the READ30 program and the KELLER cable K-107. The READ30 software also enables the visual display on the PC and the recording of pressure signals. A Bus-system may be used to connect up to 128 transmitters.

Features of Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series:

  • Superior performance
  • Longer functional life
  • Fine calibration

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No



0,05 %FS

True Output Rate

100 Hz


0,002 %FS

Long-term stability

0,2 %FS

Load Resistance

<(U-7V) / 0,02A

Electrical Connection

Binder-Plug 723 (5 pole)
DIN 43650 Plug (4 pole)
MIL C-26482-Plug (6 pole)

Operating Temperature

0° to 300°

Shock Endurance

20 g



Material in Contact with Media

Stainless Steel 316L (DIN 1.4435) / Copper

Dead Volume Change

< 0,1 mm3



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Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC

(GST 18% Exclusive)

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