• Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

    Keller High Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC


    Keller High-Temperature Pressure Transmitters Series 35X HTC  is a device used to measure the piezoresistive high-temperature transmitter that is appropriate for medium temperatures up to 300 °C. This Keller Transmitter is pressed on the flush diaphragm and transmitted through an oil-filled capillary and onto the silicon measuring cell. The Pressure Transmitter’s capillary serves as a cooling spiral, enabling media, temperatures as high as 300 °C. The PROG30 program may be used to read out the electronics’ temperature, which cannot be higher than 120 °C. KELLER provides pressure ports in a variety of materials for very aggressive media.
    Applications: General industrial and OEM applications

  • Digital Pressure Gauge

    Keller LEO2 Digital Pressure Gauge


    Keller LEO2 Digital Pressure Gauge is a compact, Controlled Microprocessor, highly accurate, and versatile pressure measuring instrument having digital indication. The readings of the instrument are stored in the internal of EEPROM. The LEO2 Microprocessor reads the values and also calculates the pressure to an accuracy of value less than 0.1 %FS at room temperature.
    Applications: Industrial applications, Servicing, Calibration/testing, etc

  • Keller LEO2-Ei Digital Manometer

    Keller LEO2-Ei Digital Manometer


    Keller LEO2-Ei Digital Manometer are provide high accuracy. The minimum or most value since the last reset can be displayed at a similar time because the current pressure value in a wide variety of units of pressure. The swivel adapter permits the device to be optimally positioned. Power is provided by a conventional CR2430 coin cell battery.

    Applications: Industrial Applications, Servicing, Calibration / Testing.


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