Metravi AVD-80 Portable Vibration Meter

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Metravi AVD-80 Portable Vibration Meter is a digital vibration meter. The device is simply a pocket-sized and lightweight device, and it has a backlight display. and an automatic option for power ON/OFF. Low battery warning with text. Pocket-sized and light. It measures velocity, acceleration, and displacement. suitable for monitoring machinery vibration caused by imbalance, misalignment, and gear faults. microcontroller based.

Applications: Predictive Maintenance, Machinery Condition Monitoring, Quality Control, Shaft Alignment, Unbalance Detection.

Metravi AVD-80 Portable Vibration Meter is a specialized instrument designed for measuring and analyzing vibrations in machinery and industrial equipment. Vibration analysis is crucial for assessing the health and condition of rotating machinery, such as pumps, motors, fans, and more.

Features of Metravi AVD-80 Portable Vibration Meter: 

  • The AVD-80 is used to measure various parameters related to vibration, such as velocity, acceleration, and displacement.
  • It is likely to come with a built-in or external accelerometer or vibration sensor that can be attached to the equipment being monitored.
  • Vibration meters often provide frequency analysis capabilities, allowing you to analyze the frequency content of the vibrations.
  • The device typically features a digital display that shows real-time vibration data, making it easy to read and interpret.
  • Vibration meters often have user-settable alarms to alert you when vibrations exceed acceptable levels.

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Metravi AVD-80 Portable Vibration Meter