Rotronic HF120 Temperature Humidity Transmitter


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Rotronic HF120 Temperature Humidity Transmitter is a temperature and humidity transmitter used for monitoring and measuring environmental conditions in various settings such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries, and HVAC applications. The HF120 measures temperature in a range of -40 to 60 °C and relative humidity between 0 to 100%.
Applications: Laboratories, Pharmaceutical industry, HVAC applications.

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Rotronic HF120 Temperature Humidity Transmitters can be connected to a variety of monitoring systems such as data loggers, PLCs, and building automation systems. It is easy to integrate and can be used with a wide range of software platforms. The Rotronic Temperature Humidity Transmitter also has a programmable output that allows users to customize the output signal according to their requirements. The output signal can be analog or digital, depending on the configuration.
Features of Rotronic HF120 Temperature Humidity Transmitters:

  • Measures relative humidity and temperature
  • Hygromer ® IN-1 humidity sensor
  • Two freely saleable analog voltage or current outputs
  • Easy mechanical installation

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HF 120

Measuring Parameters

Humidity, Temperature

Temperature Sensor


Temperature Range

0 to 50°C

Response Time

4 s

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.3 °C

Operating Temperature

-20 to 60 °C

Humidity Sensor


Humidity Range

10 to 90 %RH

Humidity Accuracy

<± 3 %RH

Long-term stability

<1.5 %RH per year

Humidity Response time

30 s (63 % of a rise 35…80 %RH)
without filter

IP Rating

IP 65


2 analog outputs freely scalable

Supply voltage

12…28 VAC / 15…40 VDC


140 Grams

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Rotronic HF120 Temperature Humidity Transmitter

Rotronic HF120 Temperature Humidity Transmitter


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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