Significance of Data logger

Significance of Data logger

IP67 Protection Grade

According to an article by (TOI Times of India) In June 2017, global news reports contained the alarming news that a ‘vaccination error’ involving 300 people in South Sudan has reported the deaths of at least 15 children and the severe illness of 35 others. The vaccine concerned was an immunization against the extremely contagious Measles virus and it turned out the batch of vaccines concerned had been revealed to high temperatures. 

Although it is not often that stories like this hit the mainstream press, such incidents are not in single events. In March 2017, 37 people were arrested in China over the selling of illegal vaccines that had not been properly refrigerated or transported.

It is not only hot temperatures that are menacing. But most vaccines and some drugs like insulin will lose their potency if they freeze. The problem is that with most medicines it is impossible to tell perceivably if they have been exposed to damaging extremes of temperature.

Did you know that medicine, meat, dairy, fish, ready meal kit, raw vegetables, flowers, and all goods that require temperature control have one thing in common they all should be monitored during transportation to ensure they are fresh and in usable condition.

The challenge starts once your products leave your warehouse, field, or factory and travel to distant locations with 3rd party suppliers or even to unknown distances (the last mile delivery). Manufacturers can find themselves at risk of facing a quality problem whose origin they would need to trace back, without the proper tools or work methods.

All businesses should not risk public health, but small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to take that risk that may jeopardize their existence and lose control of their goods during the journey to the final client.

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Why it is important to measure accurate temperature?

One must be careful when measuring temperature to make sure that the measuring instrument like the thermometer, thermocouple, etc. Is the exact temperature of the material that is being measured Under some conditions heat from the measuring instrument can cause a temperature incline, so the measured temperature varies from the actual temperature of the system. In that case, the measured temperature differs not only from the temperature of the system but also from the heat transfer properties of the system. 

Conventional temperature logging:

There is a widespread understanding of the need for controlling the temperature of drugs during storage and transportation, The monitoring that takes place still follows outdated practices that involve irregular manual data entry physical readings, and outdated reporting and sharing methods. This occurs in detainments and inconsistencies that can immensely undermine the entire temperature in the monitoring process.

What is the Solution for temperature logging without any obstruction: Data loggers, yes, it is a collection of data that can record and save the data over period. While data logging generally is associated with devices, a data logger is a compact, battery-powered device equipped with an internal microprocessor, data storage, and one or more sensors or sensor ports.

Types of Data Loggers:

Temperature data logger


There are two types of data loggers, Single Use and Multi-use data loggers.

Single Use Data Logger- Device which is used for a one-time purpose and gives you the records and temperature you cannot use multiple times. Once we stop the device it is not reusable can be disposed of. 

Multi Use Data logger – It's a device that you can use multiple times and it also has external and internal sensors. Also, we can record the data and save it, erase it, and again we can re-use the device. 


Fixed-type data loggers are also called online monitoring data loggers or devices. This data will be transferred through Network protocols like RS485/RS232/TCP IP, which can give alerts as SMS, Email, and real-time cloud data. These are mainly used in Server Rooms, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, mainly temperature sensitive & unmanned locations etc. 


The multi-channel data logger is a device that enables measuring and recording the temperature, Humidity, or any other parameters. By using multi-channel data loggers, we can collect the data from different rooms and display at single window.

Example – 4 Channel Device, 8 Channel Device, 16 Channel Device, and 32 Channel Device.

How data loggers can help you to save time?

In the past, data loggers or recorders would typically be configured to sample a set number of channels at a fixed rate and store the recorded values in memory. The data could then be downloaded into a PC afterward and analyzed to identify trends, anomalies, and other events. The analysis was often very time-consuming, requiring the user to absorb thousands or millions of data points to find a region of interest to study. It's Ideal now with advances in technology and “Intelligent” data loggers that can reduce the amount of effort required to extract critical information by capturing bulk data at once, recording measurements, and getting productive data backups. Data loggers can record Temperature, Humidity, Current, and many other types of data. These are the ways that can help save time and fewer errors:

WHO Approved data logger

Here, At Instrukart, we are dealing with various data loggers, which include WHO, CE,21CFR software and Airline approved other Brands and Models. These global certifications address various regulatory requirements and enable safe vaccine distribution, cold chain vaccine transportation, cooling cabinets, medicine cabinets, refrigerators, reefer containers, and trucks. 


Warehouse Data Logger

Pharmaceuticals Data logger

Logistics Data Logger

One of the Internationally accepted data loggers, Elitech Log ET 1 is a single-use data logger that features a large clear Display, IP67 Rating, Battery life of up to 180 days, and Shelf life of up to 2 years. Also, complies with WHO-approved certifications. Which contrasts additional other data loggers in the present market.

Cold Chain Data logger

Also, you can explore to other more WHO approved Data Loggers below:

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