Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge


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Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge is a dual-port, high resolution, quick reaction with a convenient built-in hanger that helps to measure vacuum in seven international units and provides fast accurate measurements.
Applications: vacuum measurement during refrigeration system evacuation and high precision laboratory tests.

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Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge is an improved Digital Vacuum Gauge that incorporates a revolutionary sensor design that is highly resistant to contamination. Unlike other Digital vacuum gauges currently on the market, the VG64 maintains working accuracy even when the sensor is exposed to contaminants in the oil. For many applications, the new and improved micron gauge does not require any cleaning for the life of the sensor.

Features Of Supco Vacuum Gauge:

  • Ultra-Fine Resolution (as low as 1 Micron)
  • Supco Vacuum Gauge has 1/2 Second Response Time
  • Auto Shut Off
  • This Micron Gauge has a Built-in Hanger
  • Easy Access Cleaning Port
  • This Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge Measures Vacuum in 7 International Units
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Battery life indicator

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg


Model No

VG 64

Measuring Parameters



+/- 10% (100-1000 microns)


1 micron(for 0-200 microns)

Operating Temperature

-17°C to 65°C

Vacuum Range

0-19,000 Micron (0-2,600 Pascal)



Auto Shutoff

10 minutes when vacuum reading is above 19,000 Microns. 1 hour when vacuum is reading below 19,000 Microns

Power Source

3 AA Batteries

Over Pressure

800 PSI max (55 Bar)

Update Rate

0.5 sec

Engineering Units

Microns, PSI, InHg, milliBars, Pascals, Torr, milliTorr

Connector type

Standard ¼ inch male flare fitting

Battery Life

600 hours continuous usage, with battery indicator


137.5 x 69 x 37 mm


600 Grams

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Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge

Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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