• Micron Vacuum Gauge

    Fieldpiece Svg3 Micron Vacuum Gauge

    Fieldpiece Svg3 Micron Vacuum Gauge is a compact, rugged gauge that is packed with features HVACR professionals need to help them do more tasks.  It contains a large, dual display with a rate gauge, alarms, timer, rugged rubberized case, and a hook.

    Applications:  Automotive, nautical, research and development, and manufacturing.

  • Electronic Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

    Mastercool 98061 Electronic Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

    Mastercool 98061 Optical Vacuum Gauge in Clam Shell is equipped for the more accurate thermocouple technology usually used in portable tabletop devices. The Mastercool 98061 HVAC micron gauge allows self-calibration, includes a sensor that will never be harmed by tiny oil mists, and enables the user to configure a specific vacuum range with an indication of a light sensor.
    Applications: HVAC, Air Conditioning, etc.

  • Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Refco Digital Vacuum Gauge


    Refco Digital vacuum gauge is the Latest estimating instrument for the persistent reading of estimated values throughout the evacuation method go in the field as well as in the laboratory.

    Applications: HVAC, Biotech, Food, Freeze Drying, Vacuum Furnaces, Refrigerants, Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical

  • Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge


    Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge is a dual-port, high resolution, quick reaction with a convenient built-in hanger that helps to measure vacuum in seven international units and provides fast accurate measurements.
    Applications: vacuum measurement during refrigeration system evacuation and high precision laboratory tests.

  • Testo 557 Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Testo 557 Digital Vacuum Gauge


    Testo 557 Digital Vacuum Gauge fulfills numerous functions, which are required for working on refrigeration systems and heat pumps in just one instrument. The testo 557 digital manifold has a 4-way valve block, a large backlit display, and sight glass. Two NTC thermistor clamp probes provide superior accuracy for simultaneous, real-time superheat and subcooling readings.

    Application: superheating/subcooling calculation, vacuum measurement, temperature-compensated leakage test.


  • Winters DPG Series Digital Pressure Gauge

    Winters DPG Series Digital Vacuum Gauge


    Winters DPG Series Digital Vacuum Gauge has a basic 2 buttons operation, Re-zero element, and ceaseless vacuum Reading, Backlight turns on when the on/off button is squeezed and with vacuum changes. Its selectable building units are psi, mH2O, mmHg, mbar, and kPa.
    Applications: Ideal for business and mechanical applications in both test estimation and universally useful establishments including Vacuum pumps, Vacuum frameworks, Pharma hardware, Vacuum suction units, High vacuum refining plants, Paper industry, Adjustment research centers, and so forth.


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