• Digital Anemometer

    Lutron AM- 4200 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron AM- 4200 Digital Anemometer is a compact and affordable digital anemometer that measures air velocity and wind speed. It features a separate probe for remote measurement, a large LCD for easy reading, and can display readings in multiple units (m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots). With its durable construction and low power consumption, the AM-4200 is a great choice for a variety of applications such as checking HVAC systems or measuring wind speed.

    Applications: Industries, Whether Monitoring, HVAC, Agriculture, Wind Energy, Construction, Aviation

  • Digital Anemometer

    Lutron AM-4221 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron AM-4221 Digital Anemometer comes with the three horizontally aligned spherical Cups van probe with low friction ball which are fixed crosswise or in a star shape on the vertical axis of the cup anemometer. It measures  the wind speed and direction of the wind . This Anemometer AM-4221  has LCD display.
    Applications: Measures Air Velocity, Wind Speed, Temperature, Heating Systems.

  • Mini Vane Anemometer

    Lutron AM-4233SD Mini Vane Anemometer


    Lutron AM-4233SD Mini Vane Anemometer is a compact and lightweight anemometer that is ideal for measuring air velocity in a variety of applications. It has a measuring range of 0.4 to 20 m/s and a resolution of 0.1 m/s. The anemometer also features a data-logging function

    Application: Industrial process control, Environmental monitoring Research and development, HVAC and ventilation testing.

  • Vane Anemometer

    Lutron AM-4247SD 7 in 1 Vane Anemometer


    Lutron AM-4247SD 7-in-1 Vane Anemometer empowers professionals and enthusiasts with the tools needed to collect precise environmental data quickly and efficiently. Its versatility, accuracy, and user-friendly features make it an invaluable asset across a wide range of applications

    Applications: HVAC Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Energy Auditing, Industrial Applications, etc.

  • Lutron AM-4207SD Anemometer

    Lutron AM-4207SD Anemometer


    Lutron AM-4207SD Anemometer is a professional-grade anemometer that can measure air velocity, temperature, and airflow rate. It has a wide measurement range of 0.4 to 30.0 m/s (1.3 to 67.1 mph) and can display readings in a variety of units, including m/s, ft/min, km/h, knots, and mph. The AM-4207SD also has a built-in data logger that can record up to 16,000 readings, which can then be downloaded to a computer for analysis.
    Applications: Measure Air velocities, Temperature & Heating Systems, Check Air Conditioning, wind temperature…etc.

  • Lutron AM-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer

    Lutron AM-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer


    Lutron AM-4204 Hot Wire Anemometer is a portable anemometer that provides fast accurate readings, with digital readability and the convenience of a remote probe separately. This Lutron Hot-Wire Anemometer has a Super large LCD with dual function meter’s display, read the air velocity & temp. at the same time.
    Applications: Clean rooms, Environmental testing, Flow hoods, Air conveyors, Air velocity, Air balancing, Fans/motors/blowers Furnace velocity, Refrigerated case, Paint spray booths, etc.

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    Lutron AM-4202 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron AM 4202 Portable Anemometer provides fast accurate readings with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor separately.

    Applications: measures speed of air flow in atmosphere, in Wind Tunnels,  to check air conditioning & heating systems, measure air velocities, wind speeds, temperature etc.

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    Lutron LM 8100 4 in 1 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron LM-8100 4 in 1 Digital Anemometer is a professional measuring instrument capable of measuring various parameters like Air Velocity, Light, Temperature and Relative Humidity. Its also includes features like Hold, Zero calibration, RS232/USB output interface.
    Applications: Weather Stations, Greenhouse, Ventilation systems, Constructions etc.


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