Five Things to Remember while Choosing a Data Loggers

Data Loggers

Data loggers is an electronic device that records measurements at regular intervals. Different data logger includes the measurement of air temperature, relative humidity, AC/DC current and voltage, differential pressure, intensity of light, temperature of water, water level, dissolved oxygen, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, rainfall, pulse signals and many more. It’s a compact and battery-powered device equipped with an internal microprocessor, data storage and one or more sensors. It’s fixed indoors, outdoors, underwater that can record data for more months.

You should choose a data logger according to the need of the organisation. Here are top five things to consider while choosing a data logger, read below:

  • A wireless logger- A quality Data Loggers should be self-contained and wireless. This will make the product handy and can be fixed anywhere and everywhere. You should always check the manufacturer before purchasing the device. A wireless logger is flexible and also gives accurate data.

  •  Collecting real-time data- This is one of the most important factors while choosing a data logger. The ability to collect real-time data is very important. The data logger should be portable & easily connect to front end software to enable it to download the data onto the PC. The downloaded data is time stamped for data integrity evaluation.
  •  User-friendly software- This makes the life of a Data Loggers user easy. If the software is user-friendly the process of data collection is effortless. An Easy and efficient software is the need at all times for collecting data of the organisations. In case if there are more than one Data Loggers installed for your company make sure they work together under single software & data can be automatically compiled under industry standard Excel Sheets or equivalent softwares.
  • Data loggers with applications- Make sure you have done your research well. While pursuing a data logger for your company, be sure that the data logger supports various applications. This will provide flexibility to the usage of the data logger in different environments.
  • Trusted & Approved Manufacturer- Buy Data Loggers from a trusted, reputed and registered company to avoid future problems. This will give you a quality product and a sense of assurance as well.

Follow the above-mentioned factors while choosing a data logger for your company. With these factors, you can never go wrong in choosing an efficient data logger that will ensure safety and smooth functioning of your company. Do your research well and buy a data logger for the organisation. All the best!

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