Isolation Room Pressure Monitor

Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is a device that provides an accurate indication of positive or negative pressure in critical rooms like hospital isolation rooms, operation theatres, intensive care unit (ICU) and other important places where differential pressure is maintained. In the case of improper pressure or reversal of flow takes place, an alarm is activated automatically to alert everyone about the danger. The alarm is visible and the inappropriate pressureis displayed in readout with flashing displayso that unprofessional personnel can respond to the status of the alarm.

Know the places where it is needed-

Critical places like hospitals and laboratories use pressure differentials from one room to another as a means to protect the patients and staffs from toxic chemicals and infectious pathogens. This is an effective technique and is often difficult to set up and maintain. The everyday usage of this device in building draft, temperature and loading of the filter causes pressure differentials to fluctuate and reversal of flow occurs. And in this way hazards are created unintentionally. Thus, an effective Isolation Room Pressure Monitor is installed to keep a check and alert the hospital and laboratory staff.

Features of Isolation Room Pressure Monitor-

The features of Isolation Room Pressure Monitor are as follows, read below:

  •          It measures the dynamic pressure differentials.
  •          It has a special feature like adjustable time delay for alarm that allows opening of doors, without frequent alarms.
  •          The display consists of 4 Red LED displays to show the live room pressure values.
  •          It has an audible alarm with an automatic reset system & a provision for manual acknowledgement of alarm.
  •          When the flow reversal occurs there’s an alarm that gets activated upon breach of set limits
  •          It is known for its low ,, almost zero maintenance and durability.
  •          The low-temperature sensors eliminate the possible risk of fire.
  •          It also has a unique feature of a remote alarm system.
  •          It is generally fixed with the interface of the building automation(BMS) computer system.
  •          It comes with easy installation and calibration with complete engineering support.
  •          It provides a one-year warranty from the day of the purchase.

Read the above-mentioned facts about Isolation Room Pressure Monitor and get an idea of this important device. It is a vital device which is mandatory in a hospital, laboratory and other significant places where pressure differentials are needed.

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