Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator


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Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator covers the widest range of equipment combinations and applications. The cable is a standard length included with actuators using connecting cables. Actuators without connecting cables can be used in combination with the appropriate cables, see Accessories / Connecting cables.

Applications: HVAC, AHU, BMS, Hydraulic Pumps, Radia Frequency Switches.

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Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator stem retracts and the radiator valve is opened by the spring. The
position of the stem is proportional to the DC 0…10 V positioning signal. This Electrothermal actuator stem when de-energize the radiator valve is close. The actuator deploys to the 50% stroke position if the positioning signal is lost when applying operating voltage DC 0…10 V actuators support various operation modes, see also under DIP Switch settings.
Features of  Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator :

  • These Siemens Pneumatic Actuators Connect cable up to 15 m, halogen-free up to 10 m
  • This Siemens STA63 has Connecting cable with LED operation indicator
  • Connecting cable with DC 0…10 V module or auxiliary switch.


Additional information



Model No


Item Number


Positioning Signal

DC 0…10 V

Positioning Time

270 s


4.5 mm

Degree of Protection



Any, 360°

Permissible temperature of medium in the connected valve

1 to 110 °C

Operating Temperature

5 to 50 °C

Operating Humidity

< 85 % RH

Operating Voltage

AC 24 V

Operating Voltage Frequency

AC 24 V ± 20 %
50 / 60 Hz

Cable Length

2 m

Power Consumption

2.5 W



Supply Scope

1 Unit of STA63 Electrothermal Actuator, Instruction Manual


44 X 65 X 74 mm


201 Grams

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Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator

Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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