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    Siemens QBM2030 1U Differential Pressure Sensor


    Siemens QBM2030 1U Differential Pressure Sensor is used to measure the slightest differential pressures variation in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, also Monitoring filters and control fans with output available in the device. The siemens pressure sensor acquires differential, over and under the pressure of air and nonaggressive gases.
    Applications: HVAC applications, cooling channels, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, and AHU applications Check wind streams, Monitor channels, and control fans

  • Duct sensor

    Siemens QFM2160 Duct Sensor


    Siemens QFM2160 Duct Sensor acquires the relative humidity in the air duct whose electrical capacitance changes as a function of the relative humidity via its capacitive humidity sensing element. This sensor also acquires the temperature in the air duct via its sensing element whose electrical resistance changes as a function of the temperature.

    Applications: Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, Pharma Labs, Food Processing Industries, HVAC, automobiles, EDP Centers, and Hospitals.

  • Temperature Humidity Duct Sensor

    Siemens QFM3171 Temperature-Humidity Duct Sensor


    Siemens QFM3171 Temperature and humidity duct sensor can be use in ventilation and air conditioning plants where high accuracy and short response times for measuring relative humidity are required. The measuring range covers the entire humidity range of 0…100 %.

    Applications: Storage and production facilities in the paper, textile, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and electronics industry, Laboratories, Hospitals, Computer and EDP centers Indoor swimming pools, Greenhouses etc.

  • Siemens QVM 62.1 Air Flow Sensor

    Siemens QVM 62.1 Air Flow Sensor


    Siemens QVM 62.1 Air Flow Sensor is used in ventilation control applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and reliability. This Air Flow Sensor features an innovative hot film anemometer element which gives high accuracy throughout the measuring range.

    Applications: Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, HVAC, Biosafety Cabinets, AHU’s


  • Siemens RDF302 Thermostat

    Siemens RDF302 Thermostat

    Siemens RDF302 Thermostat, the RS 485 communications room thermostat, uses the Modbus protocol, allowing you to set your desired ideal room temperature. The thermostat offers a mode for Comfort, Economy, and Safety.

    Application: Hotel, Shopping Mall, Hospital, School, Commercial, or residential indoor temperature control.

  • Siemens

    Siemens RWD62 Universal Controller

    Siemens RWD62 Universal controllers are designed for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling in comfort control plants. It can be mounted on canals, walls, and in-plant rooms in a control panel or in the ARG62.21 / ARG62.22 housing. Measurement and control of temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, enthalpy, differential pressure, volumetric airflow, and indoor air quality.

    Applications : HVAC & R-Systems

  • Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator

    Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator

    Siemens STA63 Electrothermal Actuator covers the widest range of equipment combinations and applications. The cable is a standard length included with actuators using connecting cables. Actuators without connecting cables can be used in combination with the appropriate cables, see Accessories / Connecting cables.

    Applications: HVAC, AHU, BMS, Hydraulic Pumps, Radia Frequency Switches.


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