Ace AI-CRM3-1-1 Hospital OT Room Monitor


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Ace AI-CRM3-1-1 Hospital OT Room Monitor is specially designed to measure Temperature, Relative Humidity, Differential Pressure with an inbuilt alarm for any setpoint violation. This Cleanroom monitor is equipped with Modbus RS485 and analog output of 4-20 mA for easy communication to PLC/BMS/SCADA Systems.
Applications: Hospitals Operation Theatres, Medical Labs, Pharma Labs, Green Houses, etc.

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Ace AI-CRM3-1-1 Hospital OT Room Monitor is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity & Differential Pressure in cleanroom application. The Clean Room Monitor is designed for minimum cabling & easy flush mounting in Modular wall or brick walls of clean rooms. The sensor for Humidity & Temperature is externally provided so that the sensor can be mounted in the operation theatre & the display can be outside the operation theatre. Easy integration to building management system (BMS) withThe display of the AI-CRM3-1-1 with all the 3 parameters of Temperature, Humidity & Differential Pressure. The display LEDs also show the alarm status for easy identification & follow-up remedial action.
Features of Ace AI-CRM3-1-1 Hospital Operation Theatre Room Monitor:

  • Hose Nipples for room & corridor connection.
  • The Differential Pressure sensor is built inside the cleanroom monitor with 2 Nos.
  • The RS 485 Modbus RTU Protocol communication allows set up & great control.
  • High super-bright display with integrated buzzer alarm for process limit violation alert

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Ace Instruments

Model No

AI-CRM3-1-1 (With External Sensor)

Measuring Parameters

Differential Pressure, Relative Humidity, Temperature

Differential Pressure

-500 to +500 pascals / -50.0 to + 50.0 mm.W.C. (For any other customization Contact Store)


±0.5% on full scale


0.1 mm. W.C. or 1 pascal


-30 to +50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C


0 to 100% RH


± 1.8% RH




3 Line Red 7 segment LED display of Height 0.8”, 3 Digits for Differential Pressure on line 1, 3 Digits for Temperature (Deg.C) on line 2, 3 Digits for % R.H. (Humidity) on line 3

Differential Pressure Entry

2 Nos. 4 mm. Hose Nipples at top of clean room monitor enclosure


Integrated buzzer for Alarm Hi & Lo in case of process violation of any of the 3 parameters


Built-in Differential Pressure sensor with brass hose nipples (chrome plated) for differential pressure at rear (4mm X 2 Nos.), External Humidity & Temperature sensor in stainless steel front flush plate enclosure.


Keypad Inside the enclosure for setting the relay set points


Wall Mounting / Modular Wall mounting with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Clean Rooms

Supply voltage

24VDC, 250mA


RS 485 Modbus RTU protocol (Optional, Contact Store)


Will be provided at no extra cost valid for 1yr traceable to Electronic Test & Development Centre.


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty


M.S. Powder coated body with stainless steel front plate for Modular wall mounting/ optional brick wall mounting

Supply Scope

1 Unit of Clean Room Monitor with External Sensor, Adaptor, Instruction Manual and Calibration Certificate


1) Enclosure : 110(W) X 150(H) X 30(D) mm. 2) Stainless steel front plate : 145(W) X 160 (H) mm.


700 Grams

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Ace AI-CRM3-1-1 Hospital OT Room Monitor


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