Dräger Polytron IR N2O Fixed Gas Detector

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Dräger Polytron IR N2O Fixed Gas Detector for the continuous monitoring of nitrous oxide in the ambient air. Its measuring range of full-scale deflection can be configured between 300 and 1000 ppm.

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Dräger Polytron IR N2O Fixed Gas Detector:

Different versions::
The transmitter is available in two versions, either as a standard version with keypad and LC display or without a keypad and LC display and a connector instead to connect a handheld terminal. Maintenance and calibration can therefore easily be performed when the device is placed in a difficult position.
No cross sensitivities::
The measuring principle is based on an infrared measurement wavelength that is very specific to N2O so that the transmitter has practically no cross sensitivities to gases such as NO, NO2, SO2, CO or water vapor. Especially CO2 concentrations up to 1 % by vol. cause zero-point fluctuations of less than 30 ppm.
Preventive maintenance::
If the optical system gets dirty, the device transmits a configurable maintenance request signal without losing measuring quality. This allows for fast countermeasures in order to increase the measuring system’s availability.
Optimal system solution::
The impact-resistant transmitter housing is made of electrically conductive fiber-glass reinforced polyester. Combined with a suitable 4 to 20 mA central controller, the transmitter Polytron IR N2O meets the requirements of optimum functional safety and system availability.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


Model No

Polytron IR N2O

Measuring Range

Configurable between 300ppm and 100 ppm


IP 65,glass fiber reinforced polyester( G R P )

Ambient Temperature

-2 to +65°C / -4 to +150°F


0% to 95% rh

Power Supply

13 to 30V DC (nominal 24V DC ) ,< 4 W

Response Time

< 10s w /o dust-filter,55 s with dust-filter


145 x225x90 mm / 5. 7 " x 6 . 4" x 3. 6 " ( incl.sensor and cable gland)



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Dräger Polytron IR N2O Fixed Gas Detector

(GST 18% Exclusive)

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