E+E Elektronik EE660 Low Air Velocity Sensor

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E+E Elektronik EE660 Low Air Velocity Sensor designed specifically for clean rooms and applications requiring precise measurement of very low air velocity, such as laminar flow control. This Air Velocity Sensor operates the hot film anemometer and the measured data is available as current and voltage outputs. This Air Velocity Sensor allows for user configuration through jumpers via software.

Applications: ventilation application, clean rooms, laminar floor monitoring, building automation, HVAC systems, Laboratories, Museums and Archives, Greenhouses

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E+E Elektronik EE660 Low Air Velocity Sensor utilizes a hot film anemometer sensor, an electronic sensor known for its accuracy (down to 0.15 m/s), resistance to pollution, and minimal angular dependence. The Air Velocity Sensor provides measured air velocity data in various formats, including analog and digital outputs, an optional display, or via an RS485 interface with communication protocols. An E+E flow sensor element that offers excellent accuracy, long-term stability, low sensitivity to pollution, and low angular dependency. The EE660 has free software and an optional configuration adapter to make the process easier.

Features of E+E Elektronik Low Air Velocity Sensor :

  • Large, easily readable display with backlight and 180° orientation.
  • Smooth cover surface that prevents dust accumulation on protruding edges.
  • Adjustable configuration options, including measuring range, response time, RS485 setup, and termination resistor.
  • Electronics mounted on the underside of the board for optimal protection against mechanical damage during installation.
  • External mounting holes that enable easy and fast mounting with a closed cover, while protecting the electronics from construction site pollution.

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

Air Velocity


0.04 m/s

Storage Temperature

-30 to +60 °C

Humidity Range

5 to 95 % RH

Response Time

4 sec

Protection class


Power Supply

24 V AC

Electrical Connection

Screw terminals max. 1.5 mm2

Housing Material


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E+E Elektronik EE660 Low Air Velocity Sensor