Extech 407730 Sound Level Meter

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Extech 407730 Sound Level Meter is a precision instrument designed to measure and monitor sound levels with accuracy and ease. Ideal for various applications, from industrial noise assessment to environmental monitoring, this reliable device ensures compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Get precise sound measurements and enhance your noise control efforts with the Extech Sound Level Meter.
Applications: Industrials, Lighting, Maintenance & Repair, Schools, Noise at Work/Occupational Noise and Environmental and Community Noise, Vehicle Noise Testing as well as basic noise measurements, Amphi Theater, Auditorium, Library.

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Extech 407730 Sound Level Meter is a device used to measure sound with unmatched accuracy, ensuring that your sound level data is consistently reliable. It boasts an impressively wide dynamic range, capturing even the faintest of sounds. Whether you’re conducting industrial noise assessments, or evaluating environmental noise.

Features of Extech Sound Level Meter : 

  • ±2dB accuracy and offering fine-grained 0.1dB resolution.
  • Incorporating A and C weighting options
  • This Sound Level Meter has an AC analog output
  • Capturing and storing maximum and minimum values over an extended period
  • Includes convenient features like automatic power-off and a maximum hold function
  • 0.5-inch (12.7mm) condenser microphone.
  • Designed for easy mounting on a tripod.
  • Measuring sound levels within a range of 40 to 130 dB.
  • Swift and gradual response time options are available
  • Includes a set of four AAA batteries and a microphone windscreen for added convenience.

Additional information



Model No


Sound Range

40 to 130dB



Microphone type

0.5" (12.7mm)

Analog Output



9 x 2.2 x 1.7"(230 x 57 x 44mm)


160 g

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