Kimo Kiray 300 Infrared Thermometer


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 Kimo KIRAY 300 infrared thermometer has a dual laser sighting which is a key instrument not only to diagnose but also to inspect and check any temperature, with the advantage of using “no-contact” technology.KIRAY 300’s measuring range of -50°C to +1850°C. An infrared thermometer measures surface temperatures of hot objects that are dangerous or difficult to access.

Applications: Chemical Reactors, Engines, Transport, Industries, Ducts, etc


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Kimo Kiray 300 Infrared Thermometer is a thermometer that is used to diagnose, inspect, and check any temperature. Thankfully it is an elaborated optical system with dual laser sighting, it allows easy and accurate measurements of little distant targets. The KIRAY 300 instrument has an internal memory that can save up to 100 measurements. Compatible with thermocouple K probe. Do not take any measurement on metal or shiny or reflective surfaces. Do not measure through transparent surfaces such as glass. Water vapor, dust, smoke, etc … may prevent correct measurements because they obstruct the optical of the instrument. Make sure that the target is larger than the size of the aiming point of the laser.

Features of Kiray 300 Infrared Thermometer:

  • It has a memory that can save up to 100 measurements.
  •  It has a backlighted LCD Display
  • Flashing and beep signal on a display with adjustable thresholds
  • Automatic Negative or positive temperature indication

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No

Kiray 300

Measuring Parameters



-50 °C to +1850 °C


From -50 to +20 °C : ±3 °C; From +20 to +500 °C : ±1% ±1 °C; From +500 to +1000 °C : ±1.5%; From +1000 to +1850 °C : ±2%



Temperature - TC Type K

-40 to +400 °C


±1.5% of reading ±3 °C



Relative Humidity

From 10 to 90%RH in operating mode and lower than 80%RH in storage


D.S : 50:1 (50.8 mm at 2540 mm)

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 ℃

Storage Temperature

-10 °C to +60 °C


….3 lines, 4 digits with backlighted display LCD


95 h (inactive laser and backlight)
15 h (active laser and backlight)


Adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00 (pre-set at 0.95)


100 temperature values

Hi/Low alarms

Flashing signal on display and beep signal with adjustable thresholds

Response Time

150 ms

Power Supply

Alkaline 9V battery


200 X 140 X 50mm


320 Grams

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Kimo Kiray 300 Infrared Thermometer

Kimo Kiray 300 Infrared Thermometer


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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