Kusam-Meco KM 3961 Digital Vibration Meter


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Kusam-Meco KM 3961 Digital Vibration Meter is a vibration meter used to check the imbalance and deflection of moving equipment to determine periodic motion.

Applications:  In testing axle bearing vibration,  site vibration measurement for quality control, commissioning, and maintenance purposes.

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Kusam-Meco KM 3961 Digital Vibration Meter is specially designed for easy on-site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control, commissioning, & predictive maintenance purposes. It also has the function of measuring axle bearing vibrations for individual high-quality accelerometers for precise& repeatable measurements. Specifically configured for the present calculation of different mechanical vibrations, in order to provide details for quality management, runtime, and repair of machinery.

Features of Kusam-Meco Digital Vibration Meter

  • Realize repetitiveness and precise estimation when using the high-performance acceleration meter.
  • The state monitoring function of bearings.
  • Digital Monitor LCD.
  • Simple to use and lightweight.
  • Broad frequency spectrum in acceleration mode (10Hz ~10kHz).
  • AC output socket for recording and headphones.
  • For use as an electronic stethoscope, optional headphones.
  • The included cable and program for the RS232C interface will connect with PC computers for statistics and printing.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



KM 3961

Measuring Parameters

Velocity, Acceleration, and Displacement RPM and Frequency

Measuring Velocity range

0.01- 400.0 mm/s true RMS 0.000-16.00 inch/s

Acceleration Range

0.1- 400.0m/s equivalent peak 0.3 – 1312 ft/s

Displacement Range

0.001 – 4.000mm; 0.04 – 160.0 mil, equivalent pk-pk

RPM (r/min)

60 – 99,990 r / min

Frequency range for measuring Acceleration

10Hz ~ 1kHz In '1' mode; 10Hz ~ 10kHz In '10' mode for bearing condition check.


± 5% rdg + 2 digits

Operating Temperature

0 to 40°C

Operating Humidity

below 90%RH


4 digits, 18 mm LCD

Transducer type

Piezoelectric accelerometer


1 – 20 kHz


AC output 2.0V peak full scale (load resistance : above 10k )

Power Supply

4×1.5 AAA size (UM-4) batteries


124 X 62 X 30 mm


120 Grams

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Kusam-Meco KM 3961 Digital Vibration Meter


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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