Lutron LX-101A Digital Lux Meter


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Lutron LX-101A Digital Lux Meter is designed to measure the amount of light in the workspace. The light meter has a sensor that measures the light falling on it and provides the user with a measurable illuminance reading. This Lutron LX-101A Digital Light Meter helps the user to measure and monitor the Light readings and Display on the Screen.
Applications: Indoor Stadiums, Work Areas, Libraries, Industries, etc.

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Lutron LX-101A Digital Lux Meter uses the exclusive photo diode and multi-color correction filters, and spectrum, that meet C. I. E. standards. This LX-101A Digital Lux Meter has a low battery Indicator and Display Screen to help the user in readings accurately without any Disturbances.
Features of Lutron LX-101A Digital Lux Meter:

  • This Light sensor used the exclusive photo diode & multi-color correction filters, a spectrum that meets C. I. E. standard
  • The Sensor COS correction factor meets the standard.
  • Separate LIGHT SENSOR allows users to take measurements of an optimum position.
  • Precise and easy readout, a wide range
  • High accuracy in measuring
  • Built-in low battery indicator
  • LSI-circuit use provides high reliability and durability.
  • LCD display provides low power consumption
  • Compact, light-weight, and excellent operation.
  • LCD display can clearly read out even in high ambient light.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters



0 to 50000 Lux, 3 Ranges


13 mm ( 0.5" ) LCD

Sensor Structure

The exclusive photo diode & color correction filter, spectrum meet C.I.E. Cosine correction factor meet standard.


Indication of " 1 "

Zero adjustment

Internal adjustment

Sampling Time

0.4 Seconds

Operating Temperature

0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

Operating Humidity

< 85 % RH

Power Supply

DC 9V battery. 006P, MN1604 ( PP3 ) or equivalent

Power Consumption

Approx. DC 2 mA


108 x 73 x 23 mm


160 Grams

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Lutron LX-101A Digital Lux Meter

Lutron LX-101A Digital Lux Meter


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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