• 16,250.00

    LUTRON DT-2259 Stroboscope/Tachometer

    Lutron DT-2259 Stroboscope/Tachometer is an instrument with two features called “Digital Picture Tachometer” and “Digital Stroboscope.” It is ideal for inspecting and measuring gears, fans, centrifuges, pumps, motors, moving speeds.

    Applications: Industrial, Mining, Shipbuilding, aircraft construction, cardboard manufacturing, Automotive, and motor manufacturing

  • Lutron DT-2268 Digital Tachometer


    Lutron DT-2268 Digital Tachometer is a portable device with multi-functions, in one instrument that combines Photo Tachometer know as non-contact tachometer and contact tachometer. This Digital Tachometer has Large LCD display with good amount of brightness and also has an advanced features like last value of maximum & minimum value will be stored into the memory automatically and can be obtained by pressing Memory call button.

    Applications: HVAC compressors for industrial systems,  Airports, Ships, Automobiles, Vehicles, etc.

  • 10,375.00

    Metravi DT-720 LED Stroboscope


    Metravi DT-720 LED Stroboscope is a device used to measure the high speed rotating objects. This Digital Tachometer Measures the high speed motors, fans, and pumps etc. This Tachometer also has the Led Light which has high brightness and wider range.
    Applications: cardboard manufacturing, Automotive, aircraft construction, Mining, Shipbuilding, Industrial, and motor manufacturing.

  • 16,982.00

    Testo 460 Pocket-Sized RPM Meter


    Testo 460 Pocket-sized RPM meter is a lightweight meter that provides you with quick and solid readings while completing keeps an eye on fans, crankshafts, and engines. Also, in light of the fact that the checks can be performed while the machines are as yet running, there’s no compelling reason to stop generation or close down apparatus.
    Applications: IC Engines, Rotary Machines, Research Labs, Automobile Industry, Etc

  • 36,424.00

    Testo 470 Digital Optical Tachometer


    Testo 470 Digital Optical Tachometer allotting instrument conveys rpm estimations on engines, shafts, fans, and so on., however, that is not all. This Digital Optical Tachometer is convenient instrument, you can likewise decide paces and lengths (e.g. of transport lines and rotors).

    Application: Test & Measurement, Sensing & Instrumentation, Portable Devices.