Testo 477 LED Handheld Stroboscope


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Testo 477 LED Handheld Stroboscope is used if the goal is to view quick-moving items in slow motion. Next to other handheld stroboscopes, this stroboscope can only be operated with one hand. One can track their behavior safely and smoothly, check protocols correctly determine unwanted noise sources, etc.

Applications: Industry, Research & Development, in Laboratories and Universities.

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Testo 477 LED Stroboscope allows the motions to appear incredibly quick and sluggish. This allows you to control and inspect machines and systems during operation and to measure speeds of up to 300,000 rpm. The naked eye can not say if a knitting machine’s thread guide works correctly. This is also therefore not possible to say that there are anomalies in equipment or structures vibration or rotational processes. But the Testo 477 LED stroboscope is another matter. The stroboscope creates a series of flashes that look to you like a ‘frozen picture. The LED Testo 477 will even calculate the spinning speed of very small objects. And as reflex marks are not required, the devices must not stop and production processes must not be interrupted either.

Features of Testo 477 LED hand Stroboscope

  • High measuring range: up to 300000 flashes per minute(fpm).
  • The extreme light intensity of up to 4800 Lux.
  • Long operating time thanks to battery life up to 5 h.
  • Ideal for tough applications thanks to impact protection and IP65.
  • Trigger input and output.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No.


Measuring Parameters



30 to 300000 fpm


±1 digit; 0.02 %


±0.1 (30 to 999 fpm)
±1 (1000 to 300000 fpm)


LCD, multiline

Flash intensity

4800 Lux at 6000 FPM / 30 cm

Flash colour

Approx. 6500 K

Operating Temperature

0 to 45 °C

Operating Humidity

Protection class IP 65


2 years


191 X 82 X 60 mm


approx. 400 g (with batteries)

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Testo 477 LED hand held Stroboscope

Testo 477 LED Handheld Stroboscope


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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