Testo 750-3 Voltage tester


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Testo 750-3 voltage tester is the most high-performance and most reliable voltage tester compared to the other models in the family. It not only features unique fiber-optic technology but also for single pole voltage testing. This testo voltage tester has the torch for measuring point illumination and the all-round LED display, it also has an LC display where the current values are being measured are displayed.
Applications: Test electrical circuits or systems for voltage or de-energization (according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010), Checking the rotating magnetic field, Single pole voltage testing to determine whether conductors are live, Checking RCD circuit breakers, Testing voltage supply in live wires.

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Testo 750-3 voltage tester has an all-round LED display that can be easily read from any position and indicates the presence of voltage with large fiber-optic illuminators. The deep-seated anti-slip ring and the ergonomic handle makes it hold securely. The integrated torch helps to easily illuminate dark measuring points. This voltage tester not only determines voltage or de-energization on electrical circuits or systems but can also be used for continuity testing and rotating magnetic field measurement.

Features of Testo 750-3 voltage tester:

  • Clear, patented all-round LED display
  • Approvals: DIN EN 61243-3:2010 and CAT III
  • With practical torch for measuring point illumination
  • Including RC trigger function and vibrating load buttons

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Testo 750-3 Voltage tester


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