Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer


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Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer gun-style design makes it easy to handle and helps users to carry out efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements. This Testo infrared thermometer is a perfect temperature measuring device, especially for undertaking control measurements in trade and industry. The integrated processor provides accurate measurement results.
Applications: Manufacturing industries, Blacksmith, Casting, Ic engines, etc.

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Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer with laser estimation spot marker and 12:1 optics is appropriate for non-contact surface temperature estimations in exchange and industry.

  • With the Testo IR thermometer, the non-contact estimation of surface temperature is precise and quick (2 estimations for each second). To outline, the IR thermometer offers the accompanying focal points:
  • High goals processor for most extreme precision (goals 0.1 °C)
  • 12:1 optics for exact estimations even at medium separations
  • IR thermometer with a 2-point laser estimation spot marker to focus on the estimating point
  • Two-caution restrain values that can be characterized as required
  • Visual and acoustic caution if confine esteem surpassed
  • Min./max. esteem show and hold work (to record deliberate esteem)
  • Convenient one-gave activity on account of the ergonomic firearm style plan
  • Clear, lit up advanced showcase
  • External test association for thermocouple temperature tests TC compose K
  • The speed of the Testo temperature gun is additionally extremely amazing: it can complete two estimations for every second. This implies you can embrace greater estimating assignments rapidly and proficiently.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No

830 T2

Measuring Parameters


Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

-50 to +500 °C


±0.5°C + 0.5% of mv


0.1 °C

Infrared temperature

-30 to +400°C


±1.5°C or ±1.5 % of mv For +0.1 to +400 °C, ±2°C or ±2 % of mv For -30 to 0°C)


0.1 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 to +70 °C


Adjustable 0.1 to 1.0

Housing material


Battery Life

15 h

Box Contains

Testo 830-T2 infrared thermometer, including batteries and calibration certificate.


2 Years Manufacturing Warranty


200 g

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Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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