• Testo 103 Thermometer

    Testo 103 Food Thermometer


    Testo 103 Food Thermometer is the smallest folding food thermometer in its class – making it perfect for carrying out spot checks in the food industry which can also be used where food is sold, stored, or processed. Testo Food Thermometer can also be used for measuring the core temperature of foodstuffs.

    Applications: Canteens, Commercial kitchens, Cold storage rooms and Supermarkets, Catering services for checking the quality and hygiene standards.

  • Testo 105 Food Thermometer, digital food thermometer, food thermometer

    Testo 105 Food Thermometer


    Testo 105 digital food thermometer can be used to measure the core temperature of semi-solids like meat, cheese, and jellies. The probe sensor included makes it easy to insert into non-frozen and liquid form food. There is also an optional probe to measure the core temperature of frozen foods to ensure that temperatures are within given thresholds.

    Applications: Food production, checking received goods, catering services, canteen kitchens, cold storage rooms, and supermarkets.

  • Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

    Testo 174H Temperature and Humidity Mini Datalogger


    Testo 174H Temperature And Humidity Mini Datalogger is a compact, accurate, reliable device which measures and logs temperature and relative humidity of storage rooms and offices. The Testo 174H also monitors building climate continuously, and Securely. This Testo Datalogger has integrated sensors that ensure long-term stable measurement values.

    Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse, etc.

  • Testo 174T Mini Temperature Data Logger

    Testo 174T Mini Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 174T Mini Temperature Data Logger is ideal for continuous monitoring of storage temperature i.e in food or pharmaceutical products. this temperature data logger can also be used for controlling the temperatures in control in refrigerators or cold stores.

    Applications: Food industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Refrigerator trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse

  • Testo Temperature Monitor

    Testo 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring storage temperatures & long-term monitoring. Testo temperature data logger is certified for use in food environments & measures with logs temperatures constantly and reliably.

    Applications: Clean rooms, Pharmaceutical validations, Refrigerators, Shipping vans, Freezers, Shipping crates, Cargo vessels, Warehouses, Storage areas, etc.

  • Testo 175 T3 Temperature Data Logger

    Testo 175T3 Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 175T3 Temperature Data Logger with its two external thermocouple probes is best suited when for recording temperatures at two locations in parallel: for example when measuring the flow and return temperature on radiators.
    Applications: Food Industry, Warehouse, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships

  • Testo 176 T3 Temperature Data Logger

    Testo 176 T3 Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 176 T3 Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring temperature values in production processes. Its robust metal housing makes it ideal for use in the industrial sector. With inputs for 4 thermocouple probes, it can measure up to four points in parallel.
    Applications: Super freezer or under cryogenic conditions, Monitoring process temperatures, Flow and return temperature of heating systems

  • Testo 184 T4

    Testo 184 T4 Temperature Data Logger


    Testo 184 T4 Temperature Datalogger is a convenient, easy-to-use logger designed with a very low-temperature range for use monitoring goods shipped with dry ice. The 184 T4 has all configuration information, reports, and calibration certificates on-board making use of the logger simple. The 184 T4 has a temperature range of -80 to 70°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C.

    Applications: Monitoring of transport refrigerated vehicles, Containers, Refrigerators, Warehouses, Server rooms, Productions rooms, Pharmaceutical clean rooms, Validations, Cold chains, Deep freezer, Insulator shipping container, Refrigerator truck, Refrigerated Container, Intermodal container, etc.

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    Testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector


    The testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector is one bit of kit each refrigerant technician would need himself to be equipped with. The handheld leak detector can recognize all the most common cooling agents along with even the smallest leaks. Comes with an automatic zero setting that also empowers you to locate leaks in contaminated rooms.

    Applications: Machine building, Ship building, Measurement and Control Technology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Pumps and Compressors


  • Pocket Sized Thermal Anemometer

    Testo 405 Pocket Sized Thermal Anemometer


    Testo 405 Pocket Sized Thermal Anemometer features a permanently mounted telescope and enables you to measure air flow, volumetric flow, and air temperature. The measuring range for the flow is between 0 to 10 m/s, volumetric flows are calculated up to 99,990 m3/h.

    Applications:  Measures flow measurements in ventilation ducts, Measure air velocity in rooms for checking indoor air quality and low air velocities, at draughty windows.

  • Testo Indoor Air Quality Meter, Air Quality Meter

    Testo 435-2 Indoor Air Quality Meter

    Testo 435-2 Indoor Air Quality Meter is designed to enable you to perform all the measurements that are important to check and modify ventilation and air conditioning systems and diagnostics of the indoor air quality. A wide determination of optional probes and sensors with the IAQ meter gives you the freedom to arrange your meter only the manner in which you need it.

    Applications: HVAC, Offices, Research & Development, Building automation systems, Indoor Growing, Smart Homes, Green Houses, Food Industry.


  • Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument

    Testo 510 i Differential Pressure Measuring Instrument with Smartphone Operation


    Testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument on gas hot water heaters or on filters of air conditioning systems, and also flow measurements in ventilation ducts using a Pitot tube: the compact testo 510 differential pressure measuring instrument, which comes with a silicone connection hose and other useful accessories, can help you maintain and install systems in the sanitary and HVAC sector.
    Applications: Pressure indicators are useful for observing room pressure sought after ventilation frameworks or in weight positive cleanrooms, HVAC applications, for example, measuring pipe draft and setting adjusting valves likewise utilized in brake testing, checking weight drop crosswise over channels, or as a transitory substitution for test measures


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