• 260,932.10

    Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer

    Fluke 568 Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer, is designed for operation in potentially explosive areas of Zones 2 and 1 that makes even complex measurements easy. This Fluke Infrared Thermometer features Quick navigation and adjustable emissivity, save data, turn on and off alarms.
    Applications: HVAC, Machine Buildings, Labs and Research, Industries.

  • 119,873.22

    Fluke 572-2 High Temperature Infrared Thermometer

    Fluke 572-2 High Temperature Infrared Thermometer has the largest temperature range and the greatest distance-to-spot ratio of any of Fluke’s IR thermometers. The dual-laser sighting system clearly shows the diameter of the area being measured for high accuracy in your readings.

    Applications: Petrochemical, metal refining, and smelting, power utility, cement, and glass.

  • 5,310.00

    Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer


    Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer is the perfect solution with a small size and big capabilities. This fluke IR Thermometer has the high laser precision targeting with 2% basic accuracy that enables professionals to analyze heating and ventilation problems and also monitors the temperature of electrical motors and panels without contact.

    Applications: Industries, Ducts, Chemical Reactors, engines, Transport…Etc

  • 18,516.00

    Fluke 64 Max Infrared Thermometer


    Fluke 64 Max Infrared Thermometer is a device that is designed to measure the temperature of electrical cables, wires, a surface in the dark, machine parts, motors, and more. This Fluke Infrared Thermometer is heat resistant, dust resistant, Water Resistant, and Survives even a 3-meter Drop. This Portable Infrared Thermometer Includes Internal Memory and Precise Laser Technology for more accurate and Repeatable Measurements.  This Fluke IR Thermometer is Light Weight, Handheld, and Compact Infrared Thermometer to work even in the harshest environments.
    Applications: Electrical, Industrial, HVAC, etc.

  • 5,433.18

    HTC MTX-4 Infrared Thermometer


    HTC MTX-4 Infrared Thermometer comes with single laser target pointer selection and IR temperature range of -50°C to 550 °C instantly measures surface temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.
    Applications: large sheets of glass or metal exiting an oven, fabric and paper, or continuous piles of material along a conveyor belt.

  • 3,779.66

    Tashika TB1050 Non Contact IR Thermometer


    Tashika TB1050 Non-Contact IR Thermometer is used to measure temperature in applications where conventional sensors cannot be employed. particularly, when dealing with moving objects or places where non-contact measurement is required because of hazardous reasons such as high voltage, high temperatures and places where the temperature is too high for thermocouples or other contact sensors.

    Applications: Rollers, Moving machinery, Conveyor belt.

  • 11,420.00

    Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer


    Testo 830 T2 Infrared Thermometer gun-style design makes it easy to handle and helps users to carry out efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements. This Testo infrared thermometer is a perfect temperature measuring device, especially for undertaking control measurements in trade and industry. The integrated processor provides accurate measurement results.
    Applications: Manufacturing industries, Blacksmith, Casting, Ic engines, etc.

  • 51,255.00

    Testo 835 H1 Infrared Thermometer with Surface Moisture Measurement


    Testo 835-H1 Infrared Thermometer you can perform temperature and surface dampness estimations on dividers, screen and check cooling and ventilation frameworks, benefit and examine modern framework to guarantee steady abnormal amounts of value underway procedures are kept up. The Testo 835-H1 is a perfect all-round gadget for an extensive variety of modern and business applications.

    Applications: Heating, Ventilation, Air-condition, Refrigeration, Food Safety, Pharma and Health, Further Industries

  • 27,652.54

    Testo 835 T1 Infrared Thermometer


    Testo 835 T1 Infrared Thermometer offers the greatest security and exactness when estimating the temperature of smaller items from a medium separation, e.g. observing divider temperature, investigating in warming and cooling frameworks, or the quality control of modernly fabricated items.
    Applications: Glass Industry, Ceramic Industry, Metal Industry, Paper and packaging industry, Kiln engineering, Food Industry, Chemical Industry.Automotive, HVAC, Electrical

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