Wika 213.53.63 Pressure Gauge


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Wika 213.53.63 Pressure Gauge is available in nominal sizes of 50, 63 and 100 mm and fulfill IP65 ingress protection. With an accuracy of up to class 1.0, Wika Pressure gauge is mostly suitable for a wide range of applications in industry.
Applications:  Compressors, Ship Building, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, HVAC Industries, Monitor filtration, Liquid levels, and fluid stream, Refineries, Petrochemical plant, Steam, Process Machinery.

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Wika 213.53.63 Pressure Gauge are analog gauges that are particularly suited to measuring points with high dynamic loads, such as fast load cycles or vibrations. With the glycerin is filled inside the gauge, the pressure element and movement are efficiently damped. This Wika pressure gauge is constructed with a case from Stainless steel.
Features of Pressure Gauge:

  • This Pressure Gauge is Vibration and shock-resistant
  • This Wika Pressure Gauge is especially robust design
  • Type approval for the shipbuilding industry
  • This Pressure Meter scale ranges up to 0  to 1,000 bar

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters


Select Pressure Range

-760 to 0 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 10 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 100 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 280 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 40 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 400 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 600 kg/cm2 with PSI, 0 to 70 kg/cm2 with PSI


Class 1.6

Connection Type

Back, Bottom

Dial Size


Nominal Size

63 mm


Stainless steel

Process Connection

G ¼ B (male), 14 mm flats

Ambient Temperature

-40 to +60°C without liquid filling, -20 to +60°C gauges with glycerine filling

Pressure Limitation

Steady: 3/4 x full-scale value
Fluctuating: 2/3 x full-scale value
Short time: Full-scale value

Case Material

Stainless Steel 316L


With Glycerine, Without Glycerine

Pointer puller

Black Alluminium

IP Rating



500 Grams

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Wika 213.53.63 Pressure Gauge, Pressure gauge

Wika 213.53.63 Pressure Gauge


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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