Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer


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Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer is a specialists in measurement tools. Simple and easy to use. This IR thermometer has IP54 making it water resistant. It roughed surface helps the instrument to work even after falling from a 3 meter height.
Applications: Glass Industry, Ceramic Industry, Metal Industry, Paper and bundling industry, Kiln designing, Food Industry, Chemical Industry. Automotive, HVAC, Electrical etc.

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Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer has Large, illuminated showcase which makes information less demanding to peruse, even in dull regions. It shows the base, most extreme or normal temperature, or the distinction between two estimations. Has High and Low cautions for quick showcase of estimations outside the points of configuration.
Features Of IR Thermometer:

  • Dust and water-safe: IP54 appraised for residue and water obstruction.
  • Rugged: 3-meter (9.8-foot) drop tried.
  • Ergonomically composed: Completely updated for a more normal hand fit.
  • Small and lightweight; clasps to your device belt or waist band or effortlessly fits into your tool stash.
  • large backlit displays, reading data is easy even in dark areas.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No

62 Max

Measuring Parameters



-30 °C to 500 °C (-22 °F to 932 °F)


± 1.5 °C or ± 1.5 % of reading ± 2.0 at -10 °C to 0 °C ± 3.0 at -30 °C to -10 °C


10:1 (calculated at 90 % energy)

Optical Resolution



± 0.8 % of reading or <± 1.0 °C (2 °F), whichever is greater

Response Time

<500 ms (95 % of reading) Spectral Response: 8 to 14 microns Emissivity: 0.10 to 1.00

Operating Temperature

0°C to 50°C

Operating Humidity

Non- condensing @ ≤ 10°C, ≤ 90% RH @ 10°C to 30°C, ≤ 75% RH @ 30°C to 40°C, ≤ 45% RH @ 40°C to 50°C

Operating Altitude

2000 meters above mean sea level

Storage Altitude

12,000 meters above mean sea level

Power Supply

1.5 V AA Battery


3 Years Manufacturing Warranty


(175 x 85 x 75) mm (6.88 x 3.34 x 2.95) inches


255 g (8.99 oz)

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Fluke 62 Max Infrared Thermometer


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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