Honeywell CDS2000A1000C Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector


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Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector is used to detect CO2 gas in the atmosphere mostly used IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) applications, which is intended to distinguish carbon dioxide gas in the air. This co2 detector has good resolution by NDIR method, compact size, and easy installation

Applications: Ventilation of buildings, Houses, HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and so forth.

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Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector is small in size and with its simple establishment and has great goals by the NDIR technique, so it is an ideal gadget for ventilation of building, house, and so on.

Features Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector:

  • High sensitivity and good resolution
  • High technology adopted by NDIR method
  • LCD display model available
  • On/off relay output for CO2 limit monitoring
  • Two types of an analog signal (DCV and DCA) output
  • Easy installation

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters

CO2 Gas Detection


0 to 2000 ppm


±30ppm ±5% of reading


No Display

Operating Temperature

0 ℃ to 50 ℃

Operating Humidity

0 to 95%RH (non condensing)

Storage Temperature

-20 ℃ to 60℃

Storage Humidity

0 to 95% RH (non condensing)

Response Time

Within 150 sec (90% step)

Power Supply

24Vac, 24Vdc±20%, 50/60Hz


0~10Vdc(default) or 0~20mA jumper selectable

Power Consumption

2W max.

Sensing Method

NDIR ( Non Dispersive Infra Red )

Coverage area

approximately 100㎡

Sensor life

Greater than 10 years

Protection class



122 X 70 X 32 mm

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Honeywell CDS2000A1000C Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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