Infrared Thermometer with Temperature Controller


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Infrared Thermometer With Temperature Controller is a highly advanced and versatile device designed for accurate and contactless temperature measurement in various settings. Utilizing infrared technology, it enables quick and precise temperature readings without the need for physical contact, making it ideal for measuring the temperature of objects, surfaces, or even individuals from a distance

Applications: Escalator, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Tyre Manufacturer Units, etc.

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Infrared Thermometer With Temperature Controller features a built-in temperature controller, which allows users to set specific temperature thresholds and receive real-time alerts when those thresholds are exceeded. This functionality is handy in environments where maintaining precise temperature ranges is critical, such as laboratories, industrial facilities, food processing areas, or medical settings.

Features of IR Thermometer With Temperature Controller: 
  • High Resolution
  • Fast Response
  • RS485 Modbus Protocol Communication
  • Rugged IP65 Stainless Steel Housing
  • Standard 2Meters Cable

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Ace Instruments

Model No



0°C to 500°C (32°F to 932°F)

Ambient Temperature

0°C to 70°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 85°C


±1% of reading or ±1.5°C, whichever is Greater

Relative Humidity

10% to 95%, non-condensing

Analog Output

4 to 20 mA (4-wire)

Response Time

150 ms


±0.5% of reading or ±0.5°C,whichever is Greater

Spectral Response

8 ~ 14 μm


15 : 1

Cable Length

2 m, Options;5 m or10 m

Power Supply

24 VDC ± 20%


4 Digit Red LED Display , 0.56” High , 7 Segment


+/- 0.1 Deg. C +/- 1 count


Fixed 0.1 for Temperature

Input Sensor

Front key selectable between RTD Pt-100 , J Type TC, K Type TC, 4-20mA

Power Supply

230 VAC , 50 Hz. +/-10%


ABS Plastic Body Panel Mounted Type

Relay Output

2 Relay Outputs (2 Sets of NO/CO/NC),5 Amps(Max. curr. rating)


Optional Retransmission of 4-20mA


Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards.


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


96 X 96 mm


950 Grams

Supply Scope

1 Unit of Infrared Thermometer with Temperature Controller, Power Adaptor, Instruction Manual and Factory Calibration Certificate.

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Infrared Thermometer With Temperature Controller

Infrared Thermometer with Temperature Controller


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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