Keller Hand-Pump Pressure Calibrator


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Keller hand pump Pressure Calibrators is designed for simple and portable pressure generation with a connection of reference pressure meter and these hand-pumps allow easy pressure generation up to 700 Bar. The K/P low-pressure Generator allows pressures of -0.85 to 25 Bar to be generated. The HTP1 high-pressure unit uses hydraulic pressure to allow pressures of 0 to 700 Bar to be generated.
Applications: calibration of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements.

  • 0 to 700 Bar
  • 0.85 to 25 Bar
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Keller Hand-Pump Pressure Calibrator is highly suitable for testing manometers and pressure transmitters. The fine adjustment valve (which is integrated into the pump) and the relief valve in the Generator provide precision pressures for a calibration pressure accurately and quickly.This calibrator can be used in oil or water medium.
Features of Keller Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator:

  • Simple, portable pressure generation
  • Pressure generation for vacuum from 0 to 700 Bar.
  • Connection for reference pressure meter.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg




Pressure Range

0 to 700 Bar, 0.85 to 25 Bar


255 x 176 x 70 mm


1.3 Kgs

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Pressure Calibrator, Keller Pressure Generator

Keller Hand-Pump Pressure Calibrator


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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