Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter


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Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter is a DC/AC milli gauss magnetometer with an exclusive high sensitivity sensor available for high precision magnetic field measurements and is widely used in the measurement of the absolute environment earth’s magnetic field as a reference.
Applications: Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Laboratory field to check the material contains magnetic field value.

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Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter is AN AC/DC milli Gauss Meter that can observe the magnetic field as little as zero.1 milli gauss. This Precision Milli Gauss Meter is easy to use a meter with a separate probe, easy operation, and convenient for remote measurement.

Features Of Lutron Gauss Meter:

  • DC and AC magnetic field measurement
  • The Lutron Gauss Meter can detect magnetic fields as small as 0.1 milli gauss
  • N/S pole indicator
  • This Gauss meter as a separate probe for easy operation and is convenient for remote measurement
  • Zero adjustment button for relative measurement
  • Large S-TN type LCD, high contrast, easy readout
  • The desired value can be held on display using the data hold function
  • Records Maximum and Minimum readings with Recall
  • RS 232/USB computer interface
  • Maximum possible accuracy assured by the microprocessor circuit
  • Heavy duty & compact housing with a hard carrying case is designed for easy carry-out & operation

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters

DC and AC Magnetic Field


3,000 mG to 3,000 mG;300 uT to 300 uT.


± ( 2 % + 2 mG )


0. 1 uT ≧20.0 uT, ≦-20.0 uT., 0.01 uT – 19.99 uT to 19.99 uT., 0.1 mG – 199.9 mG to 199.9 mG ;, 1 mG ≧200 mG, ≦-200 mG


52 mm x 38 mm dual function LCD display

Operating Temperature

0 to 50˚C

Operating Humidity

Less than 85% R.H.

Display Sampling Time

Approx. 1 second.

Data Output

RS 232/USB PC serial interface

Power Supply

DC 1.5 V battery ( UM4, AAA ) x 6 PCs, Alkaline/heavy duty type or equivalent.


Will be provided at no extra cost


Instruction manual, Probe, Hard Carrying case, CA-06


173 X 68 X 42 mm


321 Grams

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Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter


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