Victor 79A Digital Process Calibrator

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Victor 79A Digital Process Calibrator is the ultimate solution for precision calibration and testing. This Process Calibrator is designed with cutting-edge technology, its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make calibration a breeze, saving you time and boosting efficiency. With robust construction and high-quality components, the Victor 79A guarantees reliability and durability in even the harshest environments.

Applications: Pressure Instrument Calibration, Process Control Calibration, HVAC, Labs, etc

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Victor 79A Digital Process Calibrator is a device that measures the DC voltages and DC current and Victor 79a digital process calibrator is easy to carry and lightweight unit. it could also output signals of direct voltage, current, resistance, and temperature. It has all the features of a digital multimeter and the function of auto close backlight and auto power-off

Range Resolution Accuracy
Measurement DC Voltage ±1000V 0.01mV 0.10%
AC Voltage 750V 0.01mV 0.50%
Resistance 50MΩ 0.1Ω 0.10%
DC Current ±500mV 1uA 0.10%
AC Current 500mA 1uA 0.50%
Thermocouple R. S. B. E. K. J. T. N 1°C 0.50%
RTD Cu50, Pt100 1°C 0.50%
CAP 100mF 0.01nF 5%
Frequency 10Hz~100kHz
Source DC Voltage -10.00mV~110.00mV 0.001mV. 0.20%
-100.0mV~1100.0mV 0.01mV.
 1.000V~11.00V 0.1mV
Resistance 0~400.00 0.1Ω 0.20%
DC Current 33mA 0.001mA 0.20%

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4×1.5V AA Alkaline battery

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Victor 79A Digital Process Calibrator