E+E Elektronik EE8915 CO2 Sensor for Railway Applications

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EE8915 CO2 Sensor for Railway confirms with applicable railway standards and measures CO2 concentration in a reliable manner even in harsh environments. The optimal CO2 measurement accuracy is achieved by active compensation using on-board sensors, regardless of temperature, altitude, or weather. The CO2 sensor can be mounted on walls or ducts. The voltage and current output signals contain the CO2 measured data.

Applications: Building ventilation control, industrial applications, air quality monitoring, transportation.

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E+E Elektronik EE8915 CO2 Sensor for Railway Applications has a dual wavelength Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) measurement principle that is very insensitive to pollution and automatically adjusts for the effects of ageing. A high protection class combined with a short response time is made possible by the creative design. The EE8915 is synonymous with exceptional performance in demanding process and climate control applications, owing to its adherence to strict railway standards.

Features of CO2 Sensor :

  • The gadget is protected from dust and water infiltration by an IP65-rated enclosure.
  • Made of flame-retardant material approved by UL94 V-0, the enclosure is secure.
  • It can be connected through an M12 connector or a fixed cable.
  • The user can configure and adjust the output settings via a USB interface.
  • It has built-in sensors for temperature and pressure compensation, ensuring accurate readings.
  • The CO2 measurement range is 0 to 2000/5000/10000 ppm.

It boasts a short response time for fast CO2 concentration detection.

Additional information



Model No


Measurement principle

Dual wavelength non-dispersive infrared technology

Temperature Dependance

± (1 + CO2 concentration [ppm] / 1000) ppm/°C







Electrical Connection


Electromagnetic compatibility

EN 61326-1, EN 61326-2-3

Power Supply

10 to 35 V DC2

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E+E Elektronik EE8915 CO2 Sensor for Railway Applications

E+E Elektronik EE8915 CO2 Sensor for Railway Applications