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    GE Telaire Duct Mount CO2 Transmitter

    Brand:GE Druck

    GE Telaire Duct Mount CO2 Transmitter offers accuracy and versatility at an affordable price. This exceptional product line touts an unobtrusive form factor that is easy to install, simple to use, and remains accurate over the expected life of the device using Telaire’s patented ABC Logic™ (Automatic Background Calibration) technology.
    Applications: HVAC, Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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    GE Telaire T5100 CO2 Transmitter


    GE Telaire T5100 CO2 Transmitter series is a minimal effort, high performing CO2 transmitter for the Building controls advertise. It works consistently with building mechanization frameworks and enables you to just and adequately control natural air. Request controlled ventilation utilizing CO2 sensors prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while keeping up indoor air quality.

    Applications: HVAC, Greenhouse, Landfill gas, Confined space, Marine vessels, Ventilation, Management, Mining, cellar & gas stores, Buildings, Bus, Railway waiting halls, Schools, Library, Trains, Hospitals, Office, Subway.

  • Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    GE Telaire T7000 Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor


    GE Telaire T7000 Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor includes a licensed absorption infrared technology. It accurately measures CO2 and temperature while figuring ongoing ventilation rates. It is an easy to use monitor  for residential and commercial applications with the ability to display CO2 readings and calculate air ventilation rates in cfm/person.

    Applications: For office work area, HVAC, Indoor and industrial environment to gauge regular air poisons, CO2 emitted areas such as transportation.

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    Telaire T8700 / T8700-D Humidity and Temperature Transmitters


    TTelaire T8700/T8700-D humidity and temperature transmitters use a rough capacitive sensor that gives full-scale 0-100% RH estimation with phenomenal reaction times, linearity, and steadiness.

    Applications: HVAC control applications


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