Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Meter

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Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Meter measures the thickness of Non-magnetic coatings (e.g. paint, zinc) on steel and insulating Coatings (e.g. paint, anodizing coatings) on nonferrous metals. This has two different operating modes, such as DIRECT mode is recommended for simple, quick, occasional measurements and GROUP mode permits the measurement and storage of readings in a free programmable memory. The probe system is spring-mounted inside the probe sleeve, guaranteeing steady and secure probe positioning as well as consistent contact pressure.

Applications: Automotive Industry, Aerospace Industry, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Marine Industry, Electronics Industry, Infrastructure Maintenance, Quality Control and Inspection.

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Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Meter device designed for proper measurement of coating thickness on various bases. The gauge is used for measurements on non-ferrous metal surfaces and operates on the magnetic induction principle. The LCD shows measurement values and user information. This Coating Thickness Meter comes with a backlight that makes it easy to view screen data even in low light.

Features Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Meter
  • Operates with in-built MENU easily.
  • Two measuring modes: CONTINOUS and SINGLE
  • Statistic Display: AVG, MAX, MIN, NO, S.DEV
  • One-point calibration and two-point calibration are available independently
    for each working mode.
  • Zero calibration is easily done
  • This Thickness Meter has a Memory for 320 readings (80 for each group)
  • Delete single readings and all group readings easily
  • High and Low alarms for all working modes
  • Low battery and error indications
  • USB interface for PC with analysis software
  • Disable the Auto-Power-off function feature via the MENU setting

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

Ferrous Material, Non Ferrous Material

Operating Temperature

0°C- 40°C(32°F – 104°F)

Operating Humidity

20% -90%

Tolerance Range

Ferrous : ±3%+1um / ±3%+0.039mils, Non Ferrous: ±3%+1.5um /±3%+0.059mils

Stroage Capacity

320 readings


High and low alarm

Minimum Curvature Radius

Ferrous: 1.5mm, Non-Ferrous: 3mm

Diameter of Minimum Area

Ferrous: 7mm, Non Ferrous: 5mm

Sensor Type

Ruby Sensor

Power Source

Battery Operated

Power House

Battery Operated


Backlit LCD

No.of Batteries


Battery Size


Battery Type


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Coating Thickness Meter

Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Meter