• 11,902.00

    Mextech CM801E Coating Thickness Meter


    Mextech CM801E Coating Thickness Meter has an NF function measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic metals. It is used on a powder, nodizing, enamel, varnish, paint, plastic coatings, etc. applied to aluminum, brass, non-magnetic stainless steel, etc. This Thickness Meter plays an important role in product quality, process control and cost control.

    Applications: body paint thickness, uniformity on pre-owned cars, revealing repainted spots and all the pain related industries.

  • 9,668.23

    Mextech CO180 Carbon Monoxide Meter


    Mextech CO180 Carbon Monoxide Meter is a gadget that distinguishes the nearness of the carbon monoxide (CO) gas so as to avoid carbon monoxide harming. In the late 1990s, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) changed their meaning of a solitary station CO locator with a sound gadget in it to a carbon monoxide (CO) alert. This applies to all CO security alerts that meet UL 2034; in any case, for latent markers and framework gadgets that meet UL 2075, UL alludes to these as carbon monoxide identifiers. CO is a drab, dull, and unscented compound delivered by inadequate ignition of carbon-containing materials.

    Applications: Measure CO levels in business structures, private abodes where amassing of burning gas is conceivable, Transportation, Industries.

  • Mextech DECT-9AM Digital Earth Clamp Tester


    Mextech DECT-9AM Digital Earth Clamp Tester measures Earth Resistance Upto 1000 Ωs. The unique long Jaw in this Earth Clamp Tester is particularly suitable where grounding is done by flat steel or copper strips. Over range (OL Ω) as well as low range (L0.01 Ω) indication. Double insulation level and also protected from External magnetic as well as Electric field.
    Applications: Measures Earth Resistance at electrical ground rod and grid, Use for testing quality of grounding without disconnecting the ground rod under test, Conduct field surveys fast and effectively and retrieve and analyze readings at a later time, Use on telecommunication Tower’s grounding, Useful in finding earth fault such as discontinuation or loose contact of earthling strips or cables, To find the resistance of earth pit.


  • 2,338.72

    Mextech DT-2250 Digital AC Clamp Meter


    Mextech DT-2250 Digital AC Clamp Meter is also known as a clamp meter, clamp-on ammeter, or tong analyzer. A clamp meter estimates the vector whole of the currents streaming in every one of the conductors going through the probe, which relies upon the stage relationship of the ebbs and flows.

  • 421.73

    Mextech DT-9 Pen Type Thermometer


    Mextech DT-9 Pen Type Thermometer is accessible in a simple to peruse, quick reaction, signal alert thermometers. Our products comes with a one-hour auto stop highlight.

    Applications: Food enterprises/part, drinking water analysis, Agriculture, Automobile, Brewing.

  • 13,693.41

    Mextech GM-06 Gloss Meter


    Mextech GM-06 Gloss Meter is a digital gloss meter that is used to measure the gloss of surfaces. It has a measuring range of 0.1 to 200 gloss units (GU) and an accuracy of ±1.0 GU. The meter is easy to use and features a backlit LCD display. It is also compact and lightweight, making it ideal for portable use

    Applications: Widely used in Floor maintenance, Surface cleaning quality control, Stone and tile gloss measurement, Checking printed matter, Quality control of paint and ink, Polished metal surface, Inspection of paint protection and waxing, Auto body.


  • 824.76

    Mextech M-45 Digital AC Clamp Meter


    An electrical meter with integral AC current clamp is known as a cinch meter, clamp on ammeter or tong analyzer. A clamp meter estimates the vector whole of the streams streaming in every one of the conductors going through the test, which relies upon the stage relationship of the flows. Just a single conductor is ordinarily gone through the test. Specifically, if the brace is shut around a two-conductor link conveying capacity to gear, similar current streams down one conductor and up the other; the meter accurately peruses a net current of zero

  • Mextech M266 Digital Clamp Meter


    Mextech M266 Digital Clamp Meter used for measuring AC current in diverse electrical devices like pumps and transformers. Under the proper direction, this meter is manufactured using fine quality materials with the help of modern technology. This Digital Clamp Meter has a 3½ Digits 1000Amp. AC Clamp Meter with AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, etc.

    Applications: Laboratories, Industries etc.

  • 5,215.00

    Mextech MC-7821 Digital Moisture Meter


    Mextech MC-7821 Digital Moisture Meter is a device mainly used to measure moisture in grains like Paddy, Rice, Corn, and Wheat with high accuracy. This digital moisture meter has a range of moisture content: of 8 to 20%. This mextech mc-7821 comes with a large LCD and also indicates a low battery.

    Applications: storage, machining of packed grains, Feedstuff, Foodstuff, etc.

  • 45,312.00

    Mextech SRT-6200 Surface Roughness Tester


    Mextech SRT 6200 Surface Roughness Tester is widely used to measure surface roughness of various machinery-processed parts in production sites, etc. SRT 6200 calculates corresponding parameters as per selected measuring conditions and display all measurement parameters. The Roughness Tester sensor measures the surface roughness by the help of sharp built-in probe

    Applications: Heavy industry, Aerospace, Surface metrology, manufacturing industries, etc.

  • Mextech ST-9283 Digital Thermometer


    Mextech ST-9283 Digital Thermometer is a versatile and accurate thermometer that can be used to measure the temperature of a variety of substances, including air, liquids, and solids. It has a wide temperature range of -50°C to +300°C (-58°F to +572°F) and a resolution of 0.1°C/0.2°F. The thermometer features a large, easy-to-read LCD display and a variety of features, such as a max/min function, data hold, and alarm.

    Applications:Air Conditioning, Food and catering, Agriculture, Automobiles, Petro carbons, Photography, Refrigeration, Pharmaceutical, Process control, Laboratory, Heating & Ventilation, Energy management,Greenhouse, Heavy Industries.

  • 10,255.00

    Mextech TM-8811 Thickness Meter


    Mextech TM-8811 Thickness Meter is a device used to measure the thickness and corrosion of pressure vessels, chemical equipment boilers, oil storage tanks, etc. This thickness meter is mainly used in petrol chemical industries and  the manufacturing of heavy machines

    Applications: petroleum industries, Power stations, manufacturing industries, etc.

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