• ADAPT Kelvin Pro Real Time Data Logger

    ADAPT Kelvin Pro Real Time Data Logger


    ADAPT Kelvin Pro Real Time Data Logger is a multi-use recorder that monitors your moving shipments, protecting your temperature-sensitive high-value assets with accurate temperature monitoring. With an operating range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius,
    This Asset tracker not only logs temperature but also logs real-time location, shocks, and any package openings in transit. This ADAPT Kelvin Pro Real Time Data Logger’s  temperature data is collected on a minute-by-minute basis, with updates sent to the cloud every 30 minutes, to minimize the impact of any potential network loss. Near real-time data is accessible via the dashboard, with alerts sent via email/SMS when an asset’s temperature falls outside its specific threshold value.
    Applications: Food and Beverages, Vaccine Carriers, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharma, Cold Chain Transportation, Industrial Containers, Reusable supply chain activities, etc.

  • ADAPT LISA Real Time Data Logger

    ADAPT LISA Real-Time Data Logger


    ADAPT LISA Real-Time Data Logger is a Multi-use Recorder to monitor the moving assets for achieving greater visibility and transparency throughout the Supply chain. LISA Real-Time Data Logger enables real-time location tracking along with the temperature to ensure better track of assets, whether it is in a warehouse, in transit, or arrived at their destination. Near real-time temperature, detection allows instant SMS, email, and push notifications to be sent when violations of set parameters occur enabling necessary action to take place.

    Applications: Transportation, Pharmaceutical , Food , Industrial BINS and Containers, Reusable Supply Chain Assets Activities, etc.


  • ADAPT PIXEL PX001 Data Logger

    ADAPT PIXEL PX001 Real Time Temperature and Humidity Datalogger


    PIXEL PX001 Real Time Data Logger is a Real time Data Logger which acts as a reliable wireless solution to monitor the temperature and humidity of refrigerated warehouses and storage locations. this temperature and humidity data logger helps to measure and monitor the Real time accurate temperature and humidity and it is a GSM Based Datalogger that helps to send alerts ( notifications ) via sms , email and push notifications to the concerned person or Department to control the temperature and humidity levels in the environment
    Applications: Refrigerated Warehouses, cold storage, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food & beverage companies, hospitals, laboratories & blood banks, server rooms & museums, A/c Containers, etc.

  • Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger

    Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger


    Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger data logger is specifically designed to monitor the temperature for perishable goods such as biopharmaceuticals, perishable food, and beverages during transportation. The temperature of such perishable goods is highly temperature sensitive and can be detrimental fluctuations in temperature are experienced. With a wide temperature detection range from -30°C to 70°C the single-use data logger accurately detects and records data throughout its journey with a temperature accuracy of +-0.2°C between 0-60°C & +-0.5°C between other ranges.
    Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, HVAC, Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Heavy Machinery, Hydraulics, Vacuum Industry, Green House, Server Room, Confined Space and Cold Storage.


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