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    SENSIT P100 SO2 Gas Detector

    Sensit P100 Single-Gas Detector is a personal gas monitor with housing is constructed of durable ABS plastic and shock-absorbing material to protect the instrument from the rigors of field use. Sensors available include hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.

    Applications: Oil & Gas Exploration, Gas Contractors, Emergency Responders, Emergency Medical Personnel.

  • Portable So2 Detector,Watch gas So2 Detector

    WatchGas PDM SO₂ Single-Gas Detector

    WatchGas PDM SO₂ Single-Gas Detector detects Sulfur dioxide (SO2), a full-featured single-gas detector that gives you unmatched performance. PDM single gas detector is the everyday monitor for dangerous conditions. It has high efficiency and very easy to use.
    Applications: Tank storage parks, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, Construction sites, Food, and beverage industries.


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