• Dwyer MK III 475-5-FM Handheld Digital Manometer

    Dwyer MK III 475-5-FM Handheld Digital Manometer

    Dwyer ® Series 475 Mark III Handheld Electronic Manometer is suitable for field testing, control or troubleshooting of HVAC systems, clean rooms, or a wide variety of other low-pressure pneumatic devices. Series 475-FM is approved and is inherently safe for hazardous locations, Class 1, Div.1, Group A, B, C, D, T4. Its simple operation and easy-to-read digital display make it an indispensable test tool for plant engineers, industrial hygienists, and HVAC technicians. The Series 475 Mark III can also be used as an air velocity gauge when used with a Dwyer ® Pitot tube.

    Applications: Gas pressures, combustion equipment, Air velocity monitoring,  HVAC systems.


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