• 5,310.00

    Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer


    Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer is the perfect solution with a small size and big capabilities. This fluke IR Thermometer has the high laser precision targeting with 2% basic accuracy that enables professionals to analyze heating and ventilation problems and also monitors the temperature of electrical motors and panels without contact.

    Applications: Industries, Ducts, Chemical Reactors, engines, Transport…Etc

  • 18,516.00

    Fluke 64 Max Infrared Thermometer


    Fluke 64 Max Infrared Thermometer is a device that is designed to measure the temperature of electrical cables, wires, a surface in the dark, machine parts, motors, and more. This Fluke Infrared Thermometer is heat resistant, dust resistant, Water Resistant, and Survives even a 3-meter Drop. This Portable Infrared Thermometer Includes Internal Memory and Precise Laser Technology for more accurate and Repeatable Measurements.  This Fluke IR Thermometer is Light Weight, Handheld, and Compact Infrared Thermometer to work even in the harshest environments.
    Applications: Electrical, Industrial, HVAC, etc.

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