• Apresys DI-99 Disposable Temperature Datalogger, Apresys Temperature Datalogger

    Apresys DI-99 Disposable Temperature Datalogger

    Apresys DI-99 Disposable Temperature Datalogger is a single-use recorder for monitoring low temperatures in dry ice environments. Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. A block of dry ice has a surface temperature of -78.5 ℃. The Disposable Temperature Data Logger is easy to operate in ultra-low temperature (up to -85℃) environments with battery stability.
    Application: Frozen plasma, Vaccines, Drugs and other special transportation such as high-grade fresh food transportation, Beef, Mutton, Seafood, Chocolate, etc..

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    Elitech RC5+ USB Temperature Data Logger

    Elitech RC5+ USB Temperature Data Logger measures a wide range of temperatures. This Data logger data can be downloaded, analyzed, exported, and printed easily via PDF/Excel format via Elitech software. This Data recorder has an Auto PDF generation option with high-accuracy temperature measurement and reliable data memory for multiple uses.
    Applications: Cold Storage and Ocean/Air/Roadways Transportation of Food stuff, Medicine, Chemicals, Warehousing, Logistics and Cold-chain, Refer containers, Refer trucks, Refer Ships, Laboratory, etc.


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