• Lutron LX 1108 Light Meter

    Lutron LX 1108 Light Meter

    Lutron LX 1108 Light Meter is used to measure the Brightness and light intensity of various applications. This Light Sensor has an exclusive photodiode &color correction filter, a spectrum that meets C.I.E.photopic and allows users to measure the light at an optimum position in Lux & Foot-candle unit selection.
    Applications: School, Labs, Office, Stadium, Theatres.

  • Light Meter

    Lutron LX-102 Light Meter


    Lutron LX-102 Light Meter are precise instrument designed to quantify the amount of light, both natural and artificial, to ensure optimal levels of lighting to reduce the energy burden of buildings. Also referred to as lux meters, they are useful tools in building design and operation as they allow for routine efficiency audits.
    Applications: Used to measure luminance flux per unit area.


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