• Oliver Tocsin 102 PID VOC Detector

    Oliver Tocsin 102 PID VOC Detector

    Oliver Tocsin 102 PID VOC Detector additionally upgrades the item’s abilities. Tocsin 102 PID VOC selector has a magnificent unique reaction currently to more than 400 gases and vapors. As a settled gas indicator this speaks to an unparalleled first reaction ability. Photograph Ionization indicators offer numerous favorable circumstances for VOC identification over other accessible innovations. Scopes of estimation are conceivable from Parts Per Billion (ppb) to high Parts Per Million (ppm) ranges dependent on the gas or vapor being observed.

    Applications: Paint Booth, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene and Confined Space, Airlines (wing-tank passage), Landfills, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Hotels, Schools, Ambient Workplace, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Hospitals.


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