• PCE-430-Class-1-Sound-Level-Meter

    PCE 430 Class 1 Sound Level Meter


    PCE 430 Class 1 Sound Level Meter is a Portable high-accuracy decibel meter that comes with a 1/1 octave band filter. This Portable Sound Level Meter has a large easy-to-read illuminated LCD screen that displays the sound pressure level (SPL) numerically and graphically in real-time. This handheld meter also functions as a data logger, recording measurements at an adjustable interval from 1 Sec to 24 Hours and storing the recorded measurement data in a micro SD card memory. The SD card can be removed from this meter and inserted into the SD card reader of a PC. There is an excellent feature of this decibel meter is that can be connected directly to a PC via a USB Slot. This provided PC-friendly software allows for fast and easy data analysis. This device measures from 22 to 136 dB(A) at a frequency of 3 Hz to 20 kHz.
    Applications: Airports, Industrial companies, workplaces, Construction Sites, In Traffic Areas, Regulation Departments, etc.


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