• Kanomax 3905 Portable Particle Counter

    Kanomax 3905 Portable Particle Counter


    Kanomax 3905 Portable Particle Counter with an optional Climomaster environmental sensor provides the ability to measure air velocity, temperature and humidity making these instruments the ultimate tools for cleanroom certification. This unit features a large color touch screen with a streamlined and user-friendly interface pre-programmed with different standards having 6 channels for measuring particle sizes of various ranges

    Applications: Clean Room, HVAC, Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing. Research and Development, Environmental Monitoring

  • Temtop M1000 Air Quality Detector, Air Quality Detector

    Temtop M1000 Air Quality Detector


    TemTop M1000 Air Quality Monitor an accurately detects indoor air quality. Adopting the high-precision electro-chemical formaldehyde sensor and American TemTop laser particle sensor, it can directly transform the concentration of pollutants in the air into visual data and provide air quality for you to effectively safeguard the health of your family

    Applications: Paint Booth, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene and Confined Space, Airlines (wing-tank passage), Landfills, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Hotels, Schools, Ambient Workplace, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Hospitals.

  • Temtop P1000 Air Quality Monitor

    Temtop P1000 Air Quality Monitor


    Temtop P1000 Air Quality Monitor is a high precision 5 in 1 Air Quality Monitor which can accurately detect indoor air quality. This Temtop Air Quality Monitor has a laser particle sensor and a carbon dioxide sensor.

    Application: Cabs, Office, Home, Schools and Educational Institutions, HVAC etc..


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