• Non Contact Tachometer

    Amprobe TACH-10 Contact And Non-Contact Tachometer


    Amprobe TACH-10 Contact And Non-Contact Tachometer is a universal, economical tachometer used to measure rotational or surface speed either by contact or non-contact way.

    Applications: Mixers/Pumps, Conveyors, Compressors, Extruders, Paper/Pulp Mills, Centrifuge, PLC Interface, Motor Control, Assembly Systems, Flow Meters etc

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    Testo 460 Pocket-Sized RPM Meter


    Testo 460 Pocket-sized RPM meter is a lightweight meter that provides you with quick and solid readings while completing keeps an eye on fans, crankshafts, and engines. Also, in light of the fact that the checks can be performed while the machines are as yet running, there’s no compelling reason to stop generation or close down apparatus.
    Applications: IC Engines, Rotary Machines, Research Labs, Automobile Industry, Etc


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