• Senko, SP2nd SO2, Sodium Gas Detector

    Senko SP2nd SO2 Gas Detector (Discontinued)


    Senko SP2nd SO2 Gas Detector continuously measures Sulphur Dioxide levels and alarms the user for toxic levels. It is specially designed for Industrial usage and also carries all essential safety approvals.

    Applications: Steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Shipbuilding yard, Sewage treatment plant, Mines, Power supply works, Hermetically-sealed area (sewer vent, tank).

  • Portable So2 Detector,Watch gas So2 Detector

    WatchGas PDM SO₂ Single-Gas Detector

    WatchGas PDM SO₂ Single-Gas Detector detects Sulfur dioxide (SO2), a full-featured single-gas detector that gives you unmatched performance. PDM single gas detector is the everyday monitor for dangerous conditions. It has high efficiency and very easy to use.
    Applications: Tank storage parks, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, Construction sites, Food, and beverage industries.


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